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*A solicitor firm is acquiring personal injury clients through a claims harvesting website, an investigation has found.The firm is based in Newry and its principal solicitor, Ian Mallon, is currently facing allegations of misconduct by the Law Society.

The Law Society alleges that Mr Mallon has an arrangement with, a site “whom he knew, or upon reasonable inquiry should have known” is acting in contravention of s.5 of the Solicitors (Amendment) Act 2002.

… has learned that the medical consultant is Dr Rahul Gupta, who is a registered GP in the UK but not in Ireland. Dr Gupta, who says he specialises in orthopaedic surgery, travels down from the North to carry out medical consultations in an office on Abbey Street in Dublin city centre on the first Saturday of every month.

Mr McPolin said he usually refers clients to Dr Gupta after around three months but advised the reporter to consult with their own GP also. says it will “provide you with a detailed assessment of your case, including whether the circumstances give rise to a viable claim and also the level of damages you should expect to receive.”*


I was talking to a senior guy in 1 of the country’s largest insurance firms yesterday evening (rugby brings them all out!) and his take on the high insurance payouts in the courts was very enlightening…the Judges are doing their best to undermine PIAB which they view as a challenge to the system on which they sit atop the pyrimad and could also limit the turnover of their former colleagues in law firms around the country.
While some high profile cases being thrown out make the papers, they are just a tiny drop in the world of claims that get through each year. And any cases you see failing are nearly always in the circuit court, how many do you see being thrown out of the more senior courts?

He said they are losing a lot of small and medium sized businesses who simply can’t afford the ever increasing premiums. More and more of them are having to self insure and hope for the best.
He had a few good stories on some well known businesses, 1 of which is being inundated with claims from it’s employees for work related accidents. Started in 1 of their outlets and has gardually spread nationwide!

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“Ah dat was only possible because of me Spidey powers, yer honour”. :smiley:


94 year old lady awarded €850k after folks in Luke’s administered seven times the correct dosage of radiation rendering her dependent - she lived independently prior to the incident. Clearly a case for compensation, but what 94 year old needs a €850k lump sum for ‘future needs’. Could compensation not have been paid annually during her lifetime? … ettlement/


I don’t think the legal framework exists in ireland to pay compensation annually hence the massive 1-off payouts in medical type cases. I’ve seen this discussed before in the media


La la land continues today in our Courts … 9-Mar2018/ … 6-Mar2018/

Same Judge in both cases.

Fair play to any small business owner in this day and age…I don’t know how they can run the show in this country


I was on Holiday over the Wesht Coast with my Family, Friends and their kids. We have distinct Dublin accents. My Friends were accused of skipping out on the bill whilst they sat with us in a crowded area outside the bar. The manager came out shouting blue murder at the mothers. The mother was quizical as she had paid and had the receipt, which she then showed the manager, he said he couldn’t read it (it was quite faded in fairness). This didn’t calm him so one of the mothers went in to the pub to make less of a scene. He continued to shout and now started calling her horrific names. Other patrons of the bar came out and said your man was still going off on one. The mother had a description of the waiter and said that he’d confirm. He rang the waiter, the waiter couldn’t remember and the manager went off on yet another rant. At this stage the mothers rang the Guards. It was only then his cough softened, the Guards would eventually arrive but not until they’d first rang the manager and the Guards told the mother he said he was sorry. He didn’t actually say it in person to the mother.

Anyway after that long story, I told them to sue, A nice €20K award or more would’ve made him watch his P’s and Q’s in the future around us Untermenschen.
Your man had for no reason defaming a bunch of people in a public place and then not apologising. They were going to sue but after a couple of weeks after the shock of the incident had worn off they decided against it.


Thats pure ignorance and can happen anywhere unfortunately. I don’t know how businessmen like that survive in the modern world, not from an insurance claims point of view, but rather from people just generally staying away from their premises.

I don’t quiet know why you threw in the Dublin accents part. I’m from the Wesht and I can assure you, we’re well used to having lots of Dublin people of all post codes passing through or even, God forbid, live amongst us!


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He mustn’t do it all the time. The place was hopping the whole week we were in the area and it wasn’t a cheap place. I mention the accents because there must’ve been something that made him decide to pick on our group. We did look rough, it was the end of a week living in tents, so it was dirty soccer kits, flip-flops and dirt. He also mentioned scumbags a lot which is a pejorative used mainly against people you deem inferior beings. IMO I think a lot of Irish people, Dublin people included, think people with thick Dublin accents are little better than scum. I believe this manager was one such person and when he thought he was down money he went for the lowest people on his pecking order.


Someone calling someone’s bluff …

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“Kaylum”? little bollox will be suing his mother next for choosing that name!


So the judge can determine what a realistic sum is based on his medical knowledge? I can’t decide if that’s Lionel Hutz-esque or Dr Nick Riviera-esque.


I know I should be jaded and cynical at this stage, but I seriously don’t get this one. Compo just for being near the scene of an accident?


I agree with you. Looks like people now looking for compensation because life is not just f*cking red roses and kittens.


Perhaps some people have reached a point where they are realise paying for it via their own insurance so might as well get their retaliation in first? :imp:


Reading this article raised my blood pressure. I want to sue the taxpayer too!


I heard a discussion on the radio that the reason for the big pay outs is a push back from the legal industry who see the injuries board as a threat to their monopoly. This can only be sorted by the Government making injury board findings binding for small non-life affecting injuries.