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€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ for legal profession no doubt

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Some neck on these guys, isn’t there?


Why are they nearly always from Council estates? I can only presume getting free stuff from someone else’s efforts becomes addictive.


Heads I win, tails - you have to pay legal costs … -1.3536179


Looks like ignorance of the law is a valid defense.

Our judiciary are morally bankrupt 8-

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They’re all at it!

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Cross a red light, get hit by a car, suffer no actual physical injuries, get awarded €256K? … ens-court/

Or, €25K for seeing a tapir pick up and shake your sister

PTSD, the new sore neck.


I was struck by a drunk driver once and suffered a fractured skull along with bruising of other parts of my body, a week in hospital and dizziness for a few weeks. Obviously I was shook for quite some time after too but you can knock a zero off the end of that and you get very close to what I received through the injuries board (approximately 9 years ago). That’s some inflation for what appears to have been a much less severe injury.


I wonder could the driver sue her? Surely it must have been a very traumatic incident for him/her as well?


How could the driver be held 55% responsible when he had a green light and was probably driving within limits.
Judges yet again writing the laws.

Driver couldn’t sue her as she probably has no means. They went after him because he had car insurance


But she has means now with €256K in the bank.


How did this get to court, never mind warrant 30k!

Girl who injured her lower lip in crèche 13 years ago awarded €30,000 … 77165.html


Why are the State paying the 4k compo here and not the brother-in-law?
And when did ‘embarrassment’ warrant a month off work?
And how much legal costs did this case rack up including a visit to the High Court for an eventual award of 4k? 15-20 times in legal costs? … 5-Oct2018/


Ah here I thought you were the expert at this compo lotto stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

His injury was as a result of him being a guard therefore he gets to claim under the Garda compensation

The month off work was a result of another lifelong condition unrelated to his sore nose - his hard neck


…and it went all the way to the High Court to wet the beaks for barristers/solicitors!

Win win for all except the taxpayer :sick:

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The rest of us are obviously the idiots here. :unamused:


How, how, oh how did she just get €0.5m for tram surfing? A sever brain injury but she’s just had a baby 2 weeks ago!!
Prob on disability benefit for life too


Seriously?? This is the most outrageous f**king settlement I have encountered.