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Chillax, it’s Friday, what did the Government do today we should be paying attention to? :angry: XD


I think out of all the pin threads, this to me is the most depressing.
It’s non-stop.
What the fúck is wrong with this country ?


Why didn’t they fight this case? The judge exonerated the driver and there is no indication of special circumstances which might amount to negligence by the defendant. The plaintiff, of course, was utterly reckless.

Would the courts hold the Luas liable simply because they have introduced a hazard onto the streets i.e. trams which are attractive to children i.e. little gurriers. If so, any youngster injured by Luas trams gets a bonanza, regardless of their own behaviour.

The best part? It’s magic money. 8DD


Perhaps the HSE should now try to claim back costs in treating her after the incident, it would be poetic justice if they were to win.


Do the Corpo (for the free gaff) or the Dept Soc Welfare (for the dole/disability payments) take compo claims into account when means testing?


Never heard of that happening.

The claimant’s lawyer will be quick to point out that the money is merely pecuniary compensation for loss which the claimant suffered. Should a person be deprived of a social benefit simply because a court recognised the injury they suffered and awarded a sum to compensate them? If so, shouldn’t the amount of compensation be increased to reflect that fact i.e. the loss of free housing and/or the dole?


MMA fighter keeps fighting after his accident. Judge gives him a bonus as an elite athlete.

Notorious 8DD


Second most read on the IT website. … -1.3689977
Fair play to Judge Linnane for tossing this case out.

Interesting that the Irish Times does not mention the counsel or the solicitors for these plaintiffs. If they had won, we would be reading all about it. Or perhaps these legal eagles know that they are not getting paid. Why are they not liable for the defendants’ legal costs? 8)


A new survey probes our attitudes to insurance fraud.

And of course we now have rampant broker fraud, catering to those who can’t afford actual insurance. … -1.3718754


The problem is level of awards, not legal costs. (Same with medical negligence). All the evidence shows that the level of claims are way out of whack in Ireland, not legal costs per se.

Wasps gather round the honey. Due process is needed when sums are large.

If you cut the level of awards by 50% you would see many claimants not even bother in the first place.


Dublin Bus goes over an open manhole. Two passengers bounced in their seats. Total of 13,000 Euro plus costs for their trouble.
Fortunately their whiplash has cleared up just before the court hearing - wouldn’t want any cross-examination about how they walked up the steps of the courthouse! … 40019.html


75k for 2 kids who got sprayed with a bit of petrol at a Tesco filling station. They previously refused an offer of 18.5k.
They’ll have a good xmas … -1.3736869


When I read the headline I assumed it was only so much because the kids had been burned!



Fake news, allegedly. The schoolboy actually got burned.


Boy (12) who allegedly suffered scald burn after spilling hot chocolate during Aer Lingus flight awarded €70k


They actually considered diverting the plane!!!


A snippet of this weeks shenanigans in the Irish courts system…

Child who was in womb when mother collided with Tesco shopping trolley awarded €45k
The judge presiding over the case said it was a most unusual one to come before the courts. … 7-Feb2019/

Girl (6) who cut knee in gym class gets €30,000 … 41601.html

€55,000 for schoolgirl (9) who caught finger in door … 41600.html

€20,000 damages for boy who saw mother covered in blood after walking into glass pane at rugby club … 34026.html

That last case really shows up how rotten the system is. The whole system designed to keep the legal fees pouring in off the back of businesses and their customers


Could I claim to be traumatised by having to read about the insanity of the court-awarded compo fiasco? :imp:

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