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I’d love to see long-term follow-up of these horrific injuries. What is it about Ireland that’s led to this explosion in awards?


Because a certain class of people make a nice living out of the industry, and I don’t mean the people who got whiplash or spilled hot tea on their leg


kid cuts his eyebrow on a bollard. 6 years later, 20K: … 12107.html


We’re being rode from every angle!


Boy climbs fence: 80K


Broken nose: 30K

(the girl might have been entitled to compensation here but 30K is ludicrous).


This, newspapers are quick to publish photos and names of claimants - every article should also feature the name of the solicitors and barristers involved.


Transcript of Sean O’Rourke interview with Maria Bailey TD about swing compensation claim. She has some neck playing the victim when she admits that her own statement of claim contains falsehoods.

I also don’t think her statement that it was “only” six or seven thousand in medical expenses will go down well with the electorate. Nor will her implicit claim that she should not have been allowed to go on a child’s swing unsupervised. The parodies are already out there …



Another Fine Gael TD up to the same craic. Apparently he was playing football during the same time period

They really are parasitic pond life


split lip, 65K:



There was a video going around Facebook and WhatsApp of a lad walking out in front of a car, the car stopped and the lad jumped on the bonnet and fell on the ground. He then got up and when he saw the dash cam ran off. I’m no fan of the Insurance industry but this nonsense has to stop.


Why did Mr. Justice Cross not refer this file to the DPP?

It brings our courts into disrepute when the nation sees this video of a fraudster caught in the act and the courts merely dismiss the proceedings. An order for costs against this sort of litigant is a bad joke. At least it means his lawyers get nothing but they should be exposed - instead the media give them cover

Legal representatives for Mr Iosca did not respond to a request for comment


It’s been a long time coming but at last an Irish judge has decided that the insults to our courts must stop.

“the brains” behind the staged crash … received a two year sentence with the final 12 months suspended. His brother … was sentenced to 18 months, with the final nine months suspended.

Here’s a memorable quote from the Brother:

Following his arrest, Dearman asked gardaí if it had been “the DNA or the fingerprints that caught me?”

Not “the brains” behind this fraud, obviously.


The school insurer’s will foot the bill and Mr Connolly stated: “It was a fracture but he made a good recovery and two medics described the outcome as excellent. In those circumstances I wouldn’t have a hesitation in recommending the assessment.”

The nose break was one of two personal injury actions taken by Bernard McDonagh through his father, Michael McDonagh and in total, Judge Brian O’Callaghan has ordered the pay-out of €45,268 in damages, fees and expenses to Bernard McDonagh.

This followed Judge O’Callaghan approving a separate award of €18,000 for the teenager due to him sustaining neck and back injuries in a road traffic accident five months prior to sustaining the nose break in the hurling match.

Mr Connolly told Judge O’Callaghan that the boy “had a bad couple of months”.
Or it could be deemed to have been a couple of very good months indeed


I’ve been around underage GAA training and games for a couple of years now and you will never see anyone without a helmet, there is 100% compliance, it’s the culture. Schools risk causing preventable accidents like this and broken teeth, disfigurement, and possibly loss of an eye. No excuse, made worse by knowing there is a culture of litigation that jumps on a chance to exploit the situation.


Yeah. Seems strange that he would have been allowed play without a helmet. I havent seen anyone play without a helmet since the days when John Mullane loved his county :grinning:


How this even got to Court, never mind got a payout of 10k is absolutely stunning and sets a new low, if that was possible, for the Irish Legal industry and the Claimeratti who feed them


Tesco delivered me some out-of-date mushrooms the other day. What’s that worth? Surely a couple of g’s?