The Cork Housing Market Discussion Thread


The new 3-beds to be built in the Eden complex, Mahon are asking 350K, with the 4-beds 390K.

6 are to be 3-beds and the rest (18 I think) 4-beds.

I popped in the first week of viewing in the show house and was smugly told their research showed far more demand for 4-beds. Parents went in a month later and were told they’ve applied to change the planning permission to build more 3-beds instead!

Makes sense. If you have 390K to spend you can get a similar sized house in Blackrock or Ballinlough for 350Kish and spend the balance modernising, along with obvious benefits of a proper sized garden in quieter area and greens nearby


Spotted this in the way home tonight it certainly has the WOW factor €525k asking think it will go a lot more


I noticed that Sheridan Park, Tramore Rd (discussed earlier in thread) is now to be social housing. Its a little misleading to trumpet 1300 new social housing units if some of them are reclassified private houses. Also noticed builders hoardings up on the green opposite Lidl in Togher, with a sign about new houses. Good to see genuinely new stock moving along.

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Planned social housing builds

Trying to figure out where they will fit 43 units on Church Road?


Any idea where they are going to squeeze in 32 units on Barrack St?


I thought Sheridan park was going to be very expensive kind of high end ?
Anyone know who owns or what is happening with the former CMP site at the Turners Cross end of the Hangdog Road ?? Big big site sitting there a long time


The Examiner answered my question today -


Better Nancys than Moccs or the Sportsmans…OR LENNOXS :smiley:


Hi Corkonians!

Whats the road from Cork city to Dunmanway or Clonakilty like? Commutable at a stretch?
What is the city like for jobs in IT from support to Business Intelligence and what would wages be like?


Hi All,

Finally got the keys to my place last week and we managed to purchase in our desired area of ballinlough. Its a 3 bed with an attic conversion so plenty room for the four of us. We are delighted as the small 2 are now 4 and 2 are will be starting school in next year so we were anxious to be settled. Its ticks a lot of boxes for us and we probably overpaid to a certain amount but its the forever house(bar a lottery win).

Some serious upward pressure for the right house in this area, I was chatting to a woman whose brother was bidding in this area, similar property to what I purchased came on a few weeks back and they attended the 1st viewing with circa 30 couples. Its gone sale agreed within 3-4 weeks of going to market. There is a reasonable amount of houses in the area but very few that don’t need significant work.

anyway I’m glad to be out of the uncertainty of the rental market.


Congrats CorkFella best of luck in the new gaff
Heres an interesting one
This house and site was bought a while back for €1.3m I think this is the Original house albeit done up and I think there are 3 or 4 new houses built on the site at around €400k a piece. The asking for 2 Westgate was €415k it sold for €440k


From dafts property price register link.

2 Westgate Road, Bishopstown, Co. Cork
€300,000 | 02/03/16 | Second-Hand Dwelling House/Apartment


Pasted Park Side today which is the parcel of land attached to the house :frowning:


I’ve noticed a peak in prices achieved in Cork City south side lately

3-bed semi c.350K
4-bed semi c.380K

Lending limits seem to have kicked in

New builds are still going for a big premium. e.g. 510K for a new 3-bed in Botanika Blackrock or 590K for the 4-beds


The Lisselan Estate near Clonakilty was reportedly sold for “just under €3m” in February 2018 which sounded like the best value in West Cork, considering that the beautiful house came with 127 hectare estate has

over 30 acres of Edwardian gardens, has its own 80 acre nine hole golf club, which unusually has a train to take golfers between holes one and two and three and four.

Oddly, the sale has not yet appeared on the PPR although the gate lodge is listed sold for €150,000.

The current Phoenix Magazine has a story about the vendor (who ran into serious trouble with the Revenue Commissioners), the purchasers (Blackpuddings!) and various legal issues but, as usual with the Phoenix, the truth is obscure.
Did this sale go through?


I went to the phase 2 launch day in Aylesbury, beside Cork Con on Saturday

6 of the 8 4-beds were already “Held”, prices are 500K to 535K



UCC reported to be buying the former St Vincent’s church, along with a 1.15-acre development site above the North Mall, for less than €1m. UCC already own an adjoining house. A bargain but I assume there will be strict limits on what can be done with the church which is a magnificent example of 19th. C. gothic architecture.



Apr 8

I went to the phase 2 launch day in Aylesbury, beside Cork Con on Saturday

6 of the 8 4-beds were already “Held”, prices are 500K to 535K

To update here, I have been emailed an update on the estate. It appears nearly all of those so called “Held” houses are back on the market. All are 520K now.

I’m calling shenanigans. I recall thinking they hadn’t sold all of phase one in 6 months and suddenly, the day of phase 2 launch, all but 2 were left. I was amazed so many had bought off private, early viewings.

The one that was 500K is gone and the 535K ones have dropped to 520K now.

They have 7 4-bed semis they can’t shift at 520K (phase 1/2) and 2 4-bed detached for 700K (phase 1).

They are nice houses alright but the price is just too high. Estate is fairly tight with no on-street parking. When kids have cars/rentals with more than 2, it will be fairly jammers. Gardens are tiny.

Botanika up the road took over 20 buyers at the 500K+ buyers a year ago. I simply think there aren’t enough high earners in Cork left to sell all of these to.

Location right beside Cork Con could also be a little off putting, with bright floodlights most evenings April-Aug with training and tag rugby and crowds at matches at weekends.


In Cork City, prices are flat on the year at €250,000 but up across the county by 5.6% to €245,000.

Cork City being prices being flat is bang on from what I’ve seen