The Cork Housing Market Discussion Thread

#181 … k/1011471/

3, Temple Vale, Beaumont, Blackrock

4 bed, 2 bath, detached, 1,938 sq ft

Asking was 495K. Rumour it went Sale Agreed at 597K


68 Westgate Road Bishopstown €295k 4 bed 2 bath but in need of a complete refurb what do you think … k/1033797/


It’s asking a little too much for my liking. Converting that garage and refurbishing the whole place would be costly.


I live up the road, different house type, detached having converted the garage its 5 bed 3 bath, the conversion including new heating system,Floors,tiling painting new paths landscaping and fridges washing machines came in around € 72k that was in the end of 2009. IF you could do this for € 70k is a 4 bed in spanking condition worth € 370k ( I genuinely dont know maybe its worth what someone will pay )


Spotted on the property price register: … k/1008384/

Advertised at €345k, sold for €437k.

Some interesting properties after coming up in some of the more desireable areas in the last week or so but still lots of demand so not sure how prices look like going?



About two came up in my areas on interest, this being the most interesting … k/1035048/

25 Copperhill, Ballintemple, Co. Cork
3 bed, 2 bath, 1000 sq ft

Friend rents one. Grand area. Small houses though and his back garden is tiny so no real space to extend


Pretty much any speculative housing built pre 2007 has really bad BERs. Some of them are colder inside than out.


E1 is fairly poor alright. 1,000 sq ft is standard for a 3 bed from what I can see.

240K is very low for the area. Average has been 310K last 18 months. the poor new build may explain it, though I suspect it’s priced low to grab attention


That house is in a smashing area TheJackel, live closeby myself.

Some of the interesting ones that have come up in the last week or so: … lert_email

Priced well below what other houses have sold for in the area recently … rk/3104414

Great area and asking around what similar properties have sold for in the area. Lots of renovation with the above though, ~€80k for decent modernisation and extension.


That last house should really be called, “De berries, bai” :laughing:

Bought in the ballintemple area myself last year. Always liked this part of the city and love living here now.

We’ll have to have pin drinks in the venue sometime BD


The house in Ballincurrig was on sale for a long time at €385K I think (for about a year). Relisted at €365. Amazed it didn’t get the €385K given the area and 4 bedrooms. Recently bought a house in that general area and the demand for that house (and others in the area we were out bid on) was very high.


I’d imagine it needs loads of work to make it liveable


anyone else think the main picture makes it look a bit waterlogged around the base ? … k/1037317/


Seems to be a lot more coming on in Douglas/Blackrock/Ballinglough etc. area in recent weeks.


Maybe 3 came up of interest in Ballinlough/Blackrock last 3/4 weeks but still overpriced


Agreed. Doesn’t represent a strong spring glut on the market by any stretch. A quick scout further afield doesn’t show much either, with a few overpriced houses in Frankfield, some well overpriced stuff around Maryborough Hill (don’t see the appeal other than modernish stock), and a few bits and pieces around south douglas rd such as a 3-bed semi in Greenhills asking 255K.

I don’t think the stock is there for a big drop in Cork city, and the 200-300K bracket isn’t too punitive under the new rules in terms of deposits etc.

There’s some nice houses in good areas, for sure, but all are overpriced (some up to 20% arguably) and all requiring about 10% of purchase price in renovations.


Its a funny one to gauge. A family member is currently looking to buy and while there is stock showing up in those areas they are all fixer uppers which will need 100k to expand and modernise. Asking prices are all mid 300’s for semi detached 3 beds.

I wonder with the new CB rules will these asking prices be achieved. Interesting times.


See my post here

I can’t see the new CB rules affecting the Cork 3 bed semi market too much as the new thresholds don’t kick in until over 220K


Would agree with the majority of that TheJackal.

Anybody been to see this? … rk/3104414


Its clear prices have jumped way up in the Blackrock/Ballinlough/Ballintemple areas in the last couple of years.
Any idea how prices now compare with the price of a 3 bed semi back in 2006?