The Cork Housing Market Discussion Thread


Featured in Todays Examiner, I like the house but €245k ??? … rk/3126393


From what im told this has gone way over the asking and still people bidding away. Potentially much higher sale price than anything that anything similar sold in the area for last year XX

#203 … rk/3104556

Sale agreed close to €400k, was asking €325 from memory.

Things seem to be hotting up in cork in demand areas.


Yeah, I’ve noticed prices creeping up. 3 beds in the area were getting 315K last 18-24 months. Now I’m seeing them asking 350K. Will be interesting to see if they get it.

I’m out at that price. Most need another 30K min upgrading


That house in particular was asking €350k and gonhe north of €390k was the last I heard earlier on in the week. Thats a €110k differential in 24months.


Thought of this post on Monday when I noticed a few houses for sale in ballinlough.

Fixer Upper (not great but you’d move in) @300K I’m skeptical of the D2 BER rating given the age of the interior decor … rk/3124595

(Extreme? Nothing structural I hope, but you wouldn’t move in) Fixer Upper (in worse nick than 5 belmont park, but the proximity of O’Driscoll’s to no.5 would be bothersome compared to beechwood) with F BER rating … ty/3120659

Extreme Fixer Upper (I’m gonna go ahead and assume this is in absolute shite, given the lack of interior photos and the F … rk/3117867

There was nice extended and renovated houses at this price point in the last 12-18 months. I’ll be watching these with interest to see what they fetch. If you matched the asking, you’d be talking 350k min for one of these modernized and furnished, and 380-400k with a decent single-story extension. If they hit the asking then Cork is gone a bit mad.


First one is close to asking already afaik. €40k above what these were going for early last year.

#208 … lert_email

A pet hate of mine, how many houses for sale in Ballintemple change their address to Blackrock? Blackrock road does not equal blackrock like!


Sure Skehard road and half of Mahon are in Blackrock too.


Touche gaius! … pertyAlert

About as Mahon/Beirut as it gets really despite the advertised address.


I was lmao when I saw that one. Heart of Mahon. 340K? Keep dreaming



New to the board but finding your information very valuable. I am looking to enter the market in Cork but my budget will be in the 150-200k range. We can push a little higher but this is initially an investment property(will possibly be a place to live in the future) but we do want to get a Cork base sooner rather than later given the current increases(maybe a naive approach and herd mentality i know). We have a unique job in that we work abroad 95% of the time and although 2011/12 would of been a better time to buy we did not have so much disposable cash then. Ideally we were looking at the Douglas/Wilton/Frankfield/Ballinlough/Blackrock area but on that budget it does not go to far.

Have been looking at something like below can anyone comment on the the locations as not being from the city I would not have such an indepth knowledge. … rk/937757/
or … k/1047015/

would you advise staying away from the mentioned areas given that the demand is so high and they are showing the sharpest increases/overpriced due to people willing to go the extra for a family home with the “right” address. The money can go alot further elsewhere for areas where there seems still to be value and maybe just a year or two behind playing catch up. I have been getting some mixed advice such as considering this is initially an investment property to look more into the Blackpool/Togher areas or even futher afield in towns like Mallow/Kinsale but the fact we may live in the house in the future I was leaning to the better areas. I have always agreed with the saying that a meter in Cork is worth 10 in the country so to speak.

Given my situation where would you recommend buying. The rental market in Cork is strong i am hearing and would initially like to rent to some young professionals/small family taking that into account i think that rules out two properties I initially thought might be worth investigating in the Greenfields model farm road area( I went there at the weekend and it was on the rough side).

Thanks in advance for any advice.


The first link is down but I know the area for the second house. Its near a regular bus route into town but not really walking distance to Douglas unless you fancy an extremely steep hill on the way home after a lash of pints. Its a solid 20mins walk. Traffic can be bad on the hill down to douglas too so not sure if its the best investment property as tenants would likely prefer to be closer to the city or indeed douglas itself.


I think you’re doing a disservice to Donnybrook. There’s always huge rental demand there, it’s right on a bus route and while traffic can be poor that’s only because it’s actually close to the ring road and people want to actually get there. I lived up there previously and it’s not where I’d like to live long term but I don’t think you could say that it’s a poor location to get tenants.


Dont get me wrong its a grand area but I would think people would like to be closer to Douglas or the City if they were renting and from an investment perspective the houses in the area were hit much harder during the crash than areas closer to town like Ballinlough etc.


I grew up in Leesdale which is essentially the same park as Greenfields and I wouldn’t buy in either. Mostly lovely people but the few, as usual, were enough to wreck the place, and there doesn’t seem to be any stop to the conveyor belt of problematic neighbours. Neighbouring Kenley may provide some value in Bishopstown, as might areas like Donscourt on the other side of Bishopstown.

You haven’t much of a budget for a house that would be in an area that is desirable for renters. You’ll be sacrificing either

  • suitability for when you occupy it yourself, or
  • suitability for getting the right type of renters
    (or both)

Your options as I see it are to look a bit further out (I would class Donnybrook hill as a bit further out), maybe Glanmire or Carrigaline and/or consider a house that might need some work and more casual renters.

You’re thinking of this as an investment, so why invest in a nicer house to rent out? I’d be more inclined to get a more casual property and then spend some money inside when you need the house, or if required to move it on in a few years. I’m not suggesting buying a wreck and being a slumlord to students or unfortunates, rather something a little dated and possibly well-chosen rent allowance recipients.


Anybody taken a look at this place? … lert_email

Interested Engineer friend was at a viewing recently and voiced concerns around the extension next door (large rear 2 story extension apparently) and some potential structural issues. Will be interesting to see how it goes after sale agreed with some of the supposed issues.

Should go for less than others in the area considering the less than private garden and main road aspect from a traffic perspective.


At 350K that’s c. 30K more than others have been asking lately. And with BER F and on main road I didn’t even bother viewing it


What anout this one

19 Lima Lawn, Off Magazine Road, , Glasheen, Cork City … ty/3175737

If you got it for 280K you’d be able to knock the garage and put in a double storey extension, giving 4th berdroom and en suite, and bigger kitchen


Thanks for the advice. I do appreciate on that budget that I may be asking for too much but there is a likelyhood that I could be living in the house in the future so didnt want to compromise too much. With this in mind I have been looking a little further afield from where i was initially looking even out to Carrigaline/Ballincollig.

looks like the first link i had is now sold/not available. it was a pink house just at the start of Boureenmanna Road just off the south link road before the bar on the right.

Second one I was interested in was in Ballincollig but the full asking price has now been offered so the search goes on. … rk/660492/

I think this one had potential as the garage could be converted to another bedroom and is the last house in a cul de sac with plenty of parking and privacy.