The Cork Housing Market Discussion Thread


During my tour-de-Glasheen, I was struck by how run-down the area looks. It was a sunny day, but the whole area seemed pretty depressing. Tatty, small houses. It didn’t look like anywhere I would want to live, which is unfortunate because the location is pretty handy.

I know what you mean about glasheen, I take d small one to the Lough most weeks and i come and go different ways for a gander and the place just seems grimey, could do with a tidy towns like initiative to spruce the place up.

I’m renting in Grange at present and in the Ardfield estate there has been a lot of churn this summer, one friend went from being up in Daft to sold within 6 weeks and there has been at least 10 houses sold over the summer in a mid sized estate.

on my old road this went up for sale 2 weeks at 140k, spoke to a old neighbor today and its gone sale agreed at 155k as they were involved in the bidding so they dropped out, quite a price for somewhere that probably needs 20k to be put into it. … 3/15433478


Hi Corkfella cant open that Daft Link where was it ? Both my parents came from the Lough, and Glasheen kind of morphs into the Lough. Parts of Glasheen are lovely parts as you say need a bit of a tidy up. If its good enough for the Lennoxs :smiley:


its capwell Stu, here is the link … k/1097343/


Capwell/Turners cross/Douglas St general area all in for massive boost when this place is completed and tenanted (already substantially let). … 30805.html

Will be close on 1 k jobs here eventually. Lot of average quality properties being purchased, quick spring clean and strong rents to be achieved. Id make a (possibly tenous)! comparison with what has happened in Ringsend in recent years.


I’m not sure I agree that point of view.

The companies moving to One Albert Quay are already in Cork (afaik) so their employees have places to live in Cork. They aren’t bringing 1000 new individuals & families into Cork City who need housing.

Google/Facebook/etc arrived and employed lots of europeans who did need to be housed.

I reckon the “close to the city” premium is already built into most of the rental prices (and selling prices) in those areas. To be honest it’s all most of them have going for them.


NEVER diss Turners Cross man, its given us Micheal Martin and Eddie Hobbs (Well the School has ) :laughing: Born and raised there loved it as a kid, loved it as a young adult, moved out when I got married but part of me will always be there looking at that fabulous church and with Cork City out the Road and Musser Park just out further and of course Nemo (I’m getting home sick, although I’m only 3 miles as the crow flies ) :cry:


Well Tyco might already be here but they are certainly expanding. Plenty of job opportunities there and its expected to accelerate once they move into much bigger premises from Mahon Gate.

That said, I don’t think there’ll be that big of a swell, maybe a lift in rental values around the Albert Rd area.

The one thing that would actually boost the area down the line would be if the planned new hospital: … 17415.html
went to either the St Finbarr’s site or the docklands area.

I’m not so sure that employers/hospitals boosting an areas value is such a good thing though, the values go up due the desirability for investors to get inflated and guaranteed rental income, rather than reaping benefits on owner occupiers who (unless they take a job in said employer) will just enjoy a transient neighbour population, a massive influx of cars parked all over the place and increased traffic.

We bought fairly close by last year, and sure there’d be a feel good factor to a bit of real value increase, but I don’t think I’d like to be woken up by helicopters flying in and out of an acute hospital every night. I lived close to Crumlin children’s hospital for a year, and in Dublin city centre for a year and nearly went mad with the air ambulance and police helicopter respectively.

We must be careful what we wish for. That which provides value might also affect quality of life.

#248 … rk/3169340 … enDocument

3 bed semi with garage, in need of modernization, BER E1 …

Ah heyor!


Crazy stuff - thats an average house on a busy road with very little garden and development space besides the garage area. That would have gone for €50k less last year and €100k the year before.


Not sure about that Barney, these places are a 20min walk to the city centre, places in Dublin are still at least 20% more expensive and much further out from the city.

I think where Cork still has significant value over Dublin is in the >€600k bracket of houses.


Wouldn’t go that far. a 45 min commute in your car in the morning and evening would get you where in Dublin from the city centre? Cabinteely maybe?

In Cork if you were willing to commute 45 mins from city centre you could make it 40-50 kms from city centre depending which direction you were going. That opens up a massive amount of options with much cheaper, rural properties coming into the mix. With zero school waiting lists etc. Obviously there is trade offs either way with living within and outside of Dublin but house prices is barely a debate IMO with far better value in Cork unless you are significantly location specific.

I would agree that more substantial family homes in any kind of condition are ridiculously overpriced in Cork city (southside) also to be fair.


Don’t forget the north facing rear aspect.

Crazy stuff, indeed. We got nearly 2000 sq ft of 4 bed detached in the vicinity for not much more last summer.


Good post. Wouldn’t disagree with much of it. Knowing your way around the City here helps massively IMO with the traffic. Iv moved after a decade in Dublin but I’m the opposite, pleasantly surprised at how manageable it is once you avoid known black spots.

No disputing the fact that those family homes you linked are massively overpriced. Friends of mine bought one recently after looking for 12 months, fantastic location but in the 400s and needed 70k. I thought at the time and doubt I am wrong, but that there were probably 15/20 couples only in the market for those type of properties at that price in Cork, they were all just driving the price up on one another. Lot more people to sustain those prices in Dublin.

I was somewhat tied to southside in Dublin due to familiarity, convenience for work for both myself and my wife, crèche etc. I looked at buying for a few years and just gave up due to lack of bang for my buck. The negative factors you note above (rural life, poor public transport) undoubtedly exist outside of Dublin, but there is still the possibility of purchasing a very nice family home for 50% of what you would pay for an “average” house in Dublin. I guess that’s where I was coming from with regard value. Not for everyone though as you said…im still not even sure its for me!! :blush:


Wow, even by blackrock standards that is a crazy price. That road is a rat run over to ballinlough too. Similar ones going for 100K less


That agent tends to have high prices and I’ve seen some of their properties linger on the market without going sale agreed for much longer than other EAs.

which has been on the market for well over a year and was looking for 400k for a long time. It’s definitely an executor sale, and it’s in poor condition, with a small garden and very overlooked.


That house is actually in Ballintemple and around 3k from Blackrock!

In its defence I would suggest that while its a lot of money its only a 15min walk to town from there and a 5min walk to Ballintemple (does that count as a village?!). Not many places in Dublin a 15min walk from town with a garden that size with development potential for that price.

A similar house sold there in 2013 that we had looked at earlier and passed on because of the work required that sold for mid 300’s if I remember correctly so that price may not be too far off the mark.


4 bed detached 144sq m went for 510K … enDocument

asking was 495K … ?orderBy=4

#258 … uctioneers

Passed a for sale sign on this walking the dog this morning. Comments @475k? Seems very hotly priced to me.

Extended and upgraded to B3, fairly nice finish, but the driveway opens right onto a busy T junction, 2/4 bedrooms are box rooms.


Some cheek calling that area blackrock, its barely ballintemple! Really well finished in fairness and doesnt need any work.


Yeah, I’m fairly close by. The address is: Cork. Not ballinlough, ballintemple and assuredly not blackrock. However, some mail comes as Blackrock oddly enough, presumably due to the zeal of previous occupants.

Certainly the house is good to go, and has had the money put in, but I have to compare it to this: … 1122643%2F

… around the corner (arguably the first house is a wrap around of this estate onto the main road) and in a quiet estate. Same vintage, no junction outside, semi-D in need of renovation. @275k, is ‘Inis’ worth 200K more for its finish and being detached.

42 is a smaller 3-bed 1-bath Semi D asking 385K … 4%2F#img=1

All are claiming to be in Blackrock. I wouldn’t even put these 3 houses on Blackrock road: They’re on Victoria Road as far as I can see