The Cork Housing Market Discussion Thread


Sometimes finance can play a part in buying a done up ready to move house? There’s much more value in the fixer upper (at least there was) you need more cash up front, a place to stay while the work is going on while paying a mortgage. Renovation costs are also spiralling along with property from what I can see.


What about this? … rk/3172134

€495k and you couldn’t live in it the way its kitted out, manky and freezing.


I passed this today … Cork-City/ now up as sold asking was €295 Eeem in need of Modernisation !!! it will be interesting to see the price


Love how it says BER A1! XD


I viewed this house a couple of years ago in it’s original condition, it sold for 250 in the end.
To be fair the only things they haven’t renovated seems to be the pantry and the hallway floor.
Also agree this isn’t blackrock or Ballintemple. It’s much closer to the city center than anywhere else.

#266 … 20westgate



In fairness 20 Westgate looked to be in a lot better shape given the age profile we are seeing lots of new couples moving in … wonder did it go over the €360k


That link is for 68 Westgate not 20 Westgate.


The LInk is for 68 Westgate HOUSE which is part of the hairdressers/Dinos units by the old Dunnes 68 Westgate Road is much further up


This executor sale was on the market for 277,750 up to 4 months ago: … ty/2944875

and lo and behold a lick of paint and a new kitchen and it’s looking for 420,000 and has 2,010 views on daft in 5 hours(!):


Nicely spruced up. Not a hope of getting that much.


I’ve been looking in Cork city for 2 years now, with mortgage approval for 12 months (renewed once) and in that time the complete lack of supply has meant I have:

Bid on: 1
Viewed: 5

It is rather annoying at this stage. Last viewing was August I reckon. First 6 months I was looking at Blackrock, Ballintemple, Ballinlough. I’ve long ago spread to Turner’s Cross, Glasheen, The Lough, Friar’s Walk, the Mardyke, and more with still absolutely nothing worth viewing.


For 650k this would be impressive in Tivoli. Comes with 2 acres and a gate lodge, a fine looking period house seemingly in good nick. … or-sale%2F


seemingly… but its been on the shelf for a long time…

(Edited to add second url)


Jesus we are through the looking glass people …2 BISHOPSCOURT AVE
BISHOPSTOWN €525k… … enDocument
Here is the house … ty/3275609


Yikes. People panicking. Supply is getting worse, if that’s even possible


Now reduced to 399K.

Probably still overpriced but given the nest that Cork is, I can see it getting 350K in the current market. Let’s see…


I just cant get over the €525k for Bishopscourt at least Linaro is walk in Bishopstown has probably another €60k+ to go


60 Woodvale Road, Beaumont, Ballintemple sold for €430k the highest yet for that type of house in the area. Condition was very poor and this had probably the worst sized garden and space to neighbouring houses of the recently overpriced stuff for sale in the area.



I heard anecdotally that things had gone crazy in August, then calmed a bit, but it seems like it’s stepped up again in September/October.

I know from a family member that the rental market is even worse now than last year, too.

Nothing of note being built, either, within a sniff of the city.