The Cork Housing Market Discussion Thread


These are the latest developments from rockforest homes: … k-1134927/

While the square footage looks impressive at first glance and you are getting a new modern home for the money you are getting no garden or parking space in the front. The front of the house will be literally less than 18ft from the footpath outside and there is zero back garden. You couldnt swing a cat out there.

The three houses are being built on a plot that contained 1 bungalow previously. No value for money out there!


That’s poor value, and poor design. 5 bedrooms but only one reception room. If you’ve enough people to fill 5 bedrooms then your downstairs space is too tight, even if one bedroom is used as an office.

parking will be a nightmare too


I sort of agree and disagree.

I have a small 4 bed and 2 kids. The smallest bedroom is used as an office which means the kids have to bunk together when we have a visitor staying over. An extra upstairs room would avoid that.

A bigger issue is that there’s no attic storage and the garden is tiny which precludes having a large block build shed or Shomera office thing.

So in all likelihood one bedroom will become storage, another an office, and you’re back to owning a 3 bed with nowhere for guests.

It’s really a 3 bed with regs-compliant habitable attic conversion, which is in itself a good thing because most attic conversations are not habitable.


I see where you are coming from there alright - people forget that with an attic conversion you are losing vital storage space.

My main concern with builds like these is that you are shoehorning propoerties on top of each other at a serious cost premium.


Yeah I agree. Just a pet peeve to have an expensive new build with one reception room.

Presumably you could build this semi D for 250k comfortably. That leaves 225k for the rather small site. I’d expect a decent knock and rebuild site for that money in Cork city.


They built 3 more up the road and have yet to sell at least 1 of them. They are building 3 or 4 more in Copperhill.

Are there that many who will pay close to 500K for these?


There were 4 already built up the road psat the hurling club already Jackal - one left for sale on that. These are the three you are referring to and there are a few being built in copper hill. All roughly the same model/design with increasingly smaller plots.

There were originally 4 detached houses built in 2013 on the boreenamanna road (woodbury) that were good value looking back on it @~€350k and bigger plots.


BISHOPSTOWN sold for €340k … enDocument

Had been asking €380k … k/1098968/

Looks like a big refurb

#289 … k-1169555/

€2,400 a year is management fees. Is that normal?


Saw a light on, and the sign down, walking the dog last night so I had a look.

Innis (the house formerly known as Elmon, but still Elmon on PPR) made 500K: … enDocument
The solicitor also saw fit to put it back in Marina Park, and back on Victoria Road

If this keeps up I’m going to have to talk to the wife about flipping our gaff and emigrating.


Article on over estimated housing list and 48% refusal rates.


It’s very expensive and I don’t see much grounds to be maintained either.

This 3 bed semi looking for 365K and no doubt will sell for more … k-1175559/

It sold for €230,000 in September 2012.

Will probably make a profit of 150k in 4 years.

The Cork market has a bit of cooling ahead of it I think.


Example of the price rises in Cork from 2013 to Present

Gate Lodge, by Blackrock Castle:

Bottom of the market was Dec 2013 (went through Jan 2014) where for 214K you got a 4 bed end of terrace with large corner garden

The ad is down now but PPR link is here … enDocument

We’ve just seen a 3 bed mid terrace go for 262,500 … k/1092311/ … enDocument

Up 50K in two years, with one less bedroom and far smaller garden. And this is arguably the least sought after estate in Blackrock…


Yeah the initial bounce back has been very strong if you were lucky enough to time it right.
Looks like some are deciding to cash in their chips now though.


Passed this earlier today Rosbeg on the Bishopstown road near OConnors opticians
€355k but a plainning app to demolish and total rebuild … enDocument


Sold for €500k as per the PPR. It seems even ambitious for sale prices are being met and beaten. Smallish house and you couldnt swing a cat in the backgarden.


Im fairly certain that house has had a lot of work done since it was bought in 2012. €50k wouldnt be unreasonable looking at the photos and with the market turn €85k isisnt a bad uplift



Some new houses being developed in Togher, fairly pricy for the area though going by the numbers quoted in the Examiner!


Saw that. They’ll struggle to get those prices