The Cork Housing Market Discussion Thread


Being branded as “Tramore Road” surprised it isnt Greater Wilton or Frankfield VERY West :smiley: to my generation Tramore Road is and always will be The Hang Dog Road though not sure how the marketing for that would go


I looked at this God must have been 8 yrs ago think it was €720k finally sold for €458k you’ll spend a lot but a big house with a big enough site … k-1088805/


That house is class in a time warp kind of way. I’d say you could do a lot with it and turn it into a great home.

What’s with the little putting green with the TV on it?


I noticed a substantial jump in the number of houses listed in the ballinlough/douglas/blackrock area. Was looking in this area this time last year and, from memory, there was nowhere near this many 3 bed semis in these areas. (Highly) anecdotal but runs counter to the low stock story.


More coming up last 6 months. 3 bed, 1 bath average of 340K asking with 50K+ needed to modernise. Mostly on the main road on beaumont.

Seen two bungalows asking 345K each which is poor condition. You’d need to knock them immediately imo


Have to say I’m impressed with Blackrock House: … -1.2790663


Someone kindly posted the price list on boards earlier in the week.


40 Willton Gardens

On daft with an asking of €340k … k-1244248/

ON the price register as sold for €305K … enDocument

Thoughts ??


Looks like an ex-corpo build. Could do with a basic insulation upgrade as the BER rating of E2 would not be a comfortable experience in this area (I used to live in the Woodlawn estate nearby a good number of many years ago and the method of construction I would guess would be somewhat similar).

Anyway, it’s a good rental area.
Let’s do some calculations. 3 bedrooms rented out to 3 post-grad students, or young nurses, or young professionals could probably get about 1200 per month. Probably with a 10 month occupancy and allow 1 month for costs.
So that’s about 10grand a year in income.
Pay Tax on that you might have about 5 thousand profit all in.
Let’s put the 300,000 in the bank, even with the reduced DIRT, you’d still be lucky to get the 5,000.

And at least you’d have a house for your kids if they were to be going to college in Cork.

Overall it adds up in the current climate of craziness that we live in.

Personally, I would only have given about 280,000 for it.


Friend of mine has just put down a deposit on on of these houses (smallest type) in Carrigaline.

Noticed from the indo that the same house was for sale for €205k in 2014, nice jump of €55k in lwo years!


Is Cork overtaking Dublin in prices? €330k for a dated (albeit good sized) ground floor 2 bed apartment in Douglas… … k-1348029/

On the other side of things, I have lusted over this 3 Orchard Road site for as long as I can remember and they’ve reduced it from €1.1m to €750k. Will set up a crowdfunding page ASAP so you can donate towards my cause :smiley: : … k-1347969/


Orchard Road, Model Farm Road :laughing:

Those two don’t connect Mr. EA!


8 Woburn Ave Bishopstown sold in Nov 2016 for €540k … enDocument

Now available to rent at €1500 a month … k-1691268/ Am I missing something


6 month lease only, unfurnished is stressed in the ad.

So the new owner isn’t touching it, or isn’t moving back to Cork until the summer. Chancing their arm for a 6 month lease. Might suit someone between houses though


Good spot Jammy I didnt see the 6 months bit, what do you make of the price I’m thinking €40k plus to bring it up to spec ??


Tina doesn’t appear to me to have indicated the BER.
Not that it’s really necessary. One look at it and I already feel cold.

But, really how was this property worth enough to sell for 540K?
Am I missing something?

Like really?
I do recognize that it is on Melbourne Road, that it is close to very many employers (e.g. Cork IT, Boston Scientific, The Hospital etc.) but I’ve always found the attraction of Melbourne Road, and if I have to say it, the whole of Bishopstown to be very much over-rated. But the price of this, is it genuinely justified versus other competing properties on the market?

Option 1: Commute from Kinsale (about 35 minutes each way to Rossa Avenue) … rk/3654826
550K asking
Bigger House, More garden and parking area, close to the sea and the coastal regions.

Option 2:Moneygourney, Rochestown (about 20 minutes each way to Rossa Avenue) … ty/3685697
549K asking
Near Douglas for services, better access to the seaside areas of Cork Harbour, e.g. Myrtleville, Fountainstown, etc.

Option 3:Old Style Country Mansion with Mature Leafy grounds, Lissarda (about 30 minutes each way to/from Rossa Avenue) … rk/3818648

Option 4: I looked around the city region directly and there did appear to be a scarcity actually on the Bishopstown side. Plenty available out Douglas side. So is that the reason? Proximity to this location alone?


The new 3-beds to be built in the Eden complex, Mahon are asking 350K, with the 4-beds 390K.

6 are to be 3-beds and the rest (18 I think) 4-beds.

I popped in the first week of viewing in the show house and was smugly told their research showed far more demand for 4-beds. Parents went in a month later and were told they’ve applied to change the planning permission to build more 3-beds instead!

Makes sense. If you have 390K to spend you can get a similar sized house in Blackrock or Ballinlough for 350Kish and spend the balance modernising, along with obvious benefits of a proper sized garden in quieter area and greens nearby


Spotted this in the way home tonight it certainly has the WOW factor €525k asking think it will go a lot more


I noticed that Sheridan Park, Tramore Rd (discussed earlier in thread) is now to be social housing. Its a little misleading to trumpet 1300 new social housing units if some of them are reclassified private houses. Also noticed builders hoardings up on the green opposite Lidl in Togher, with a sign about new houses. Good to see genuinely new stock moving along.

#320 … 43421.html

Planned social housing builds

Trying to figure out where they will fit 43 units on Church Road?