The Cork Housing Market Discussion Thread


This may be purely an inconsequential blip but the last week/10 days I have gotten far more email alerts in my daft search, inner south side suburbs, 3+ bed houses than I have for the previous 6 weeks. Interesting but obviously too early to read anything into it.


I’ve gotten a few too but all were dumps


Quick update for anyone looking in these areas.

Under offer @420k, was previously under offer @450k - that offer was revoked after 24 hours or so i’m told.

Went sale agreed at 350k and then fell through, no idea of why - sign down and off the market now it would appear.

By the way the next tranche at Belfield Abbey on the Boreenmanna Road are still not released to the market (I assume while O’Flynns and Blackstone slog it out in the High Court etc) - … ork/37673/

In the interim Cork City Council has gone and built 6 apartments on the Boreenmanna Rd almost directly facing them and according to the very well informed elderly lady i chatted to in the local Pharmacy they are for use as a halfway house for inmates released from Cork Jail as they “readjust to society!”

I’m sure that will help the prices Sherry Fitz will be asking for these - got to feel sorry for the folks who bought the 4 bed detached houses opposite Belfield Abbey (well liked Irish Rugby International among them) - i forget the exact name of the development but 400k for a house next door to 6 convicted criminals isn’t exactly appealing in retrospect.


With respect there are a couple that have caught my eye recently and you would/could/should have change from 400k

All 4 bed detached in ‘good’ areas - some of these are -50% off peak prices and in the current Cork market it could be argued they represent ‘value’.

Maryborough Hill … rk/933089/ … rk/987839/ … rk/948125/ … rk/988795/

Mt Oval … rk/981194/ … rk/983992/ … rk/962100/


12 Fernwood Crescent Doughcloyne on the Property Reg as sold for €195k 4bed (No Battlements) … pe.1/pop.1


None taken but I think we are approaching this from differing perspectives Barney – I am looking at what is available and trying to make the best least worst decision I can, if you feel you might be able to source a spacious, unique, non ”dreary” property somewhere convenient without any traffic issues (and with optional battlements) for approx 400k well… you’re going to find the well moneyed queue ahead of you prepared to pay a lot more than 400k for it. Pharma and IT is still being kind to Cork, there’s money out there.

Regarding the traffic questions you posed Maryborough is a breeze assuming you are not going down the hill into Douglas itself and can just use the ramp down to the South Link. Mt Oval is busy as you would expect but changes to the layout on the Rochestown Rd have improved it considerably.

There is probably very light traffic trying to get out of Knocknaheeny on a Monday morning at 8:30am but that doesn’t mean I’d live there :wink:


The Southside snob in me finds it hard to contemplate anything that close to where the Togher Flats used stand :nin


:stuck_out_tongue: Very Harsh Your more up by the airport than down by Togher Nmber 38 is currently looking for €215 for a 3 bed. Choice of playing for the Barrs/Bishopstown or Ballinora :wink:


I know i know, my Saturday mornings spent running the gauntlet of the mob down by the 5 Star in order to get to the Barrs for training have left me scarred. I was only a little 'un.


Ah but you can look ‘down’ on the wholes city from up there (serves ya right for playing with the Barrs)


True but literally ‘looking down’ on Cork isn’t high on my must have list.

I appreciate there’s an element of snobbery to my post but when i think back to my primary school class and those who died from drugs, are in jail for drugs/murder etc etc well there were certain parts of the Schools catchment area that these folk overwhelmingly hailed from.

Like most Irish people I prefer my criminals to be smartly attired and well spoken.




“As round the world I travel I meet all kinds of men
Some rob you with a 6 gun and some with a fountain pen
as round the world I travel as round the world I roam
I’ve yet to see an outlaw drive a family from their home”

The Ballad of Pretty Boy Floyd Woody Guthrie…almost Freemanesquest


Been looking in the Western side of the city for the past 12 months, and theres been a substantial jump in asking prices in the last 3 months. Saw a house yesterday that one a couple of doors down went for 50k below the asking price of yesterdays one last year and was in similar condition. At 2 houses I saw this week the people in front of us both mentioned cash sales to the auctioneers. Im getting worried things are going like dublin.


Been looking in the western side of the city for the past 12 months. In the last 6 months there has been a significant rise in asking prices. In the case of a house I viewed yesterday the asking price is 50k over what the same house in similar condition sold for about 12 months ago. In both cases those viewing before me were investors. Im frightened whats happening in Dublin is seriously beginning to happen down here


Nice house crying out for a garage conversion think it will go for more than the 325k quoted … rk/2903714


You’d want to really like the smell of chips and laundry stu!


Picture in #5 weirds me out.


Hee Hee its a bit weird all right what do you make of the price


Looks priced to sell.