The Cork Housing Market Discussion Thread

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This sold for € 385k in June Jammybastard was right when he said it wouldnt make the asking of €400k


Well we’re all closed and happily in our new home. The decision to move back down to Cork this time last year has been a great one. We couldn’t have dreamed of this house in Dublin and we’ve not had to eat much in terms of income drop. Work trips are a bit more tiring with AMS/LHR layovers - either a sprint between terminals or a marathon layover usually, so I miss Dublin’s connectivity - but lots more free time to do stuff and being close to family and friends has improved our standard of living.

I said 4 months ago that I didn’t think Cork was going bad yet but the summer has been mental by all accounts. Friends are getting outbid and frustrated all over the place. They’re regularly going over their comfort level for houses now. They don’t drop out until it’s 30-35K over what they think its worth. It’s becoming clear to me that disappointment breeds price rises as much as constrained supply. People are numb to their limits and start to make emotional bids. Our own purchase effectively capitalized on a bid that a bank refused to back, and the disappointment of the next underbidder who’d already exchanged contracts on something different.

I had a bizarre conversation with an estate agent who was saying its going mental, that couples are desperate for houses and that there’s none out there, but proceeded to tell me they’d just bought an investment property to rent out and that they’d had to go over asking.

Good luck out there :neutral_face:


Delighted for you what part of the city are you



We’ve bought in the ballingtemple/ballinlough/boreenmana rd area - none of these are our address but any more would point to the exact house :slight_smile:

Couldn’t be happier though. Detached 4 bed and walking distance to town. We’ve borrowed just less than 3 x joint income which is as much as my risk appetite can extend to. Few jobs to do but largely cosmetic, to be done over a 5 year period or so.


Congrats! 8DD Were you able to get any kind of indication at what kind of price those were going for in ~2006/7? Or even better, in ~2012, compared to your own winning bid?


congrats jammy.

this house close to me had an open viewing last friday evening and the influx of viewers was very large in about 15-20 interested parties milling in and out … rk/998544/

at 195k its not overpriced and they are actually decent built steelframe houses.


That doesn’t seem too bad at all. I think Grange still has a slight bit of a bad name though. Move that house about a kilometer west into Frankfield and it’d go for €220k+ I’d say.


full agree Kaw, its a nice enough area and I haven’t seen any issues in the limited time i’ve lived there.


Featured in Today Examiner

22 Highfield Lawn Bishopstown an eye water 550euros :open_mouth: … rk/2942935


that crystal doorknob is worth 50k on its own surely…


that crystal doorknob is worth 50k on its own surely…


It once belonged to Crystal Swing :stuck_out_tongue:

Also being discussed here … p?t=228755

21 Highfield Lawn sold for 230e in Dec 2013…how much is a crystal door knob nowadays … ork-277823


Unfortunately I don’t have a 2006/2007 comparison, nor do I have comparable houses to examine it against in recent years, but I can tell you that:

  1. We paid just under 10% over asking
  2. The house was previously bought in 2001, and the price we paid was nominally 5% more than the previous transaction. Very little has been upgraded since however, so there would be an inherent condition-based depreciation.
  3. The cost per sq ft was about 215euro, but its a slightly larger house.


Good grief. It’s nice a nice road, but its not that nice.

Definitely a good indicator of aspirations though, this looks like 2007 price + extension/renovation cost + ‘my house is lovely’ factor.


I posted this in Feb 2014

Met one of the neighbours today, the 26 The Crescent off Westgate road one still asking €475k but has no offers the 5 Double bed on Kenley road has an offer at the asking of €395k (she rang the auctioneer)
So 5 Kenley Road had an offer of 395e well it sold for 375e

This is the house … rk/2655980

#136 … rk/2987898

51 Marina Park, Victoria Road, Cork

€350,000 - 3 Bed/2 bath Semi-Detached House 150 m² / 1615 ft² For Sale

Grand location, close to town. Decent sized kitchen/sun room extension and refurb giving it the extra space.

Funny how they kept the old garage. No ensuite an instant deal breaker for me, though you could knock garage, do two storey side extension


That’ll meet the asking and some I reckon

Has anybody looked at these? … rk/932851/

#138 … rk/2987898

Do you really think this is worth 350k? It is essentially a 2 bed-semi. The last house that sold there was in July 2013 for 180k. Would that extension cost 170k?

Maybe I am very out of touch but I think the Cork market has been insane since around May. I also note that many of the houses that went crazy at bidding have not yet appeared on the property price register.


A “fixer upper” in Westgate Road … k/1008954/ listed as €320k


The last house that sold there was fairly wrecked , it was on for 250k from memory but i think had some structural issues and stayed on the market for about 2 years before selling. This seems a bigger site and walk in. I think it could make the 350