The Cork Housing Market Discussion Thread


Went to the open viewing on Saturday. Was very busy.

House was very disappointingly laid out. Big open plan downstairs, reminding me of an apartment. No ensuite. Massive bathroom could have been halved and fit an ensuite. Builders yard next door. Grass barely growing, a pointer towards little sun light.

No way would I pay 350K. As above, 180K for the one two doors down. I’d take that any day and spend 70K for a nice house, not a 170K premium


Had a walk around the estate a few months ago. Very tight sites, many with no gardens. You’d be walking up and down stairs all day. Not for me, but the location is very good.


I’m currently looking at houses in cork.
Anybody know what eagle valley is like at the moment.
A few houses for sale in there. … k/1006989/ … k/1006874/

Any help would be appreciated.


Close connection to the South Link is a great plus. I don’t really get why Wilton doesn’t have higher property value given its close proximity to the Colleges and Hospitals but I guess it has a little bit of a name or something.

I wouldn’t buy there personally but I wouldn’t advise against it or anything.


Hey Joe, I never lived there but had friends rent there, convenient location in regards to wilton and the link but the quality build of these houses are poor, slapped up and noise really travels in those houses.


Went for a drive from Cork city out to Kinsale last weekend. Passed through Riverstick. Many empties out that direction. Up the back of of Kinsale, more empties. … -cork.html

IMHO (based on my observations) there is a lot of stock stuffed away in Cork city, suburbs and surround towns.


Jesus 110 Coopers Grange Ballincollig sold for €400k asking was €355k I was waaay off the mark
ok it is 4 bed 4 bath … rk/997715/


Wow that’s surprising. It’s nice but I wouldn’t have thought it’d fetch 400k in Ballincollig.

Must do some more digging to find if any of those are also 4 bed detached. Looking at a big increase if any of them are.


400K in Ballincollig? Yikes!


5 Westgate Road sold for €353k… Nice house decent location what do you think had been asking €325k … ently-sold


This modern day obsession with wood needs to take a step back.


Nice house. Decent price for a 4 bed of that size, with space to expand in garden and garage

#153 … 07865.html

a bit of a contrast to the recent properties under discussion in the thread but worth a gander…

I’m just shocked that Roy Keane wasn’t mentioned in the article… plenty of room for a few football pitches… that’s the usual guff… i could write this crap at this stage…

you would certainly need deep pockets to bring it up to modern standards not to mention manage the 110 acres…


got this 70k price drop in an alert today … lert_email

slightly more realistic at 395k but still that house has been on nearly a year with no much interest obviously.


That’ll get a lot more interest now at that price.

Absolutely nothing new up in January so far


When did the Boreenmanna road move to Douglas?


Wow, I just had a look. The stock levels are appalling.

I had been watching Grange and Frankfield as a bell weather last year before we bought - I was living in the latter and jogging around the Grange area - so that I had a sense on the market for an average-nice part of the city.

There are 6 (!!!) 3+bed houses on myhome for Grange/Frankfield, and 4 bed semi in Dunvale is asking 295,000. There was a 4 bed detached asking 275,000 this time last year if I recall correctly.



It’s funny because it’s true.

(Sent from Greater Ballsbridge)


Stop. Rochelle apartments are on the Old Blackrock Road, which is just inside the Cork City boundary.

From there you hit Ballinlough and Balintemple before you get to Blackrock, yet I have seen them advertised as Rochelle, Blackrock


Anyone else noticed the complete dearth of properties coming on stream in Cork last 6 months?

Absolutely nothing in January…I even had Sherry Fitz on to me to update them on my needs, where I’m looking, etc