The country's most exclusive 'ghost estate'

The country’s most exclusive ‘ghost estate’ - Siobhan Creaton -> … 53681.html

This could be also a place where property value would go below zero with this kind of regular costs. I wonder how successfully they are collected. What happens if you do not pay? For sure repossession is not an option.

€32k a year would pay off an 800k gaff over 30 years …crudely…but would not include golf club membership of course :slight_smile:

Having the 25k to spend on the services will take over 50k of your pre-tax salary. I can’t imagine there’s many left in the country who can afford it let alone think it’s worth the money for having nice grounds and the opportunity to hit a golf ball 80 times once or twice a week.

80 times?


Not even on a nine hole :blush:

What’s the joining fee for members ( - can’t imagine they’re still as picky about the members now…) most people would also question how ehm, ‘secure’ that fee is - at the very least it will come down