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Kathleen Barrington’s latest pice on the Austrian sale in the light of facts contained in the Fitzpatrick Tapes … qqqx=1.asp


Any chance wiki leaks will release that list of account holders names?


This stinks to high heaven…


Kathleen Barrington had a second article about the curious case of Anglo Irish Bank (Austria) AG in yesterday’s SBP.

Her blog also has the first article:

Apologies if this had been mentioned elsewhere, but I did a quick search on Anglo Austria and all i found was this:



She’s chipping away at this for the last few months at least. Not sure if there is any way of cracking it open, but if there was, I’d bet it would be very interesting


I believe this is Barrington’s third piece on this subject, the other two are discussed here:



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Its so damn obvious theres a major story here.
Wonder what Kathleen Barrington knows, but can’t print.


If you look here

its obvious that Valarits is a bog standard Swiss bank for “recycling” Eastern European and Russian money. Plus we know several Swiss based Friends of Anglo who dabble in the same trading areas.

Maybe the reason why they are so intent on a shotgun marriage between Quinn and Anglo might have something to do with Quinns investments in Russia. No sane (or honest) person invests in Russia…

Iceland could have been just a cover after all. Maybe Anglo was a major conduit for recycling Russian money. That might explain Anglos haste in dumping the Austrian operation in 2008. Selling an embarrassing subsidiary to one of its customers so it cannot create any more potential problems.


Austrian banks up until a few years ago have accounts that can be opened effectively anonymously.

So an Austrian bank is a great place to have FU money .




Russia is not for the faint hearted but insanity or dishonesty are not prerequisites for investing there. Extreme due diligence is and that is how thousands of foreign investors successfully operate there. These are the ones you don’t read about in the newspapers or hear about on television/radio because they are just keeping their heads down and getting on with business. One of the most high profile retail banks in Russia is an affiliate of one of the Austrian banking majors so they are already into the market on a large scale and at a legitimate level. It doesn’t take an obscure Austrian subsidiary of a minor Irish bank to do it under the radar.

My guess is that the real explanation is much more prosaic. Those accounts were owned by the usual suspects within Ireland and they don’t want an Ansbacher Mk II on their hands.


From Irelands perspective, thats it.
But I’m sure if their accounts were opened up, then every country would have an Ansbacher moment.


Would be inclined to agree. To me, all the Anglo weirdness is actually fully explainable given a knowledge of the past misdeeds and history of Ireland’s oligopoly/rentier/tax evader c*** class. It just shows that nothing has changed since the 1980s - except things got worse, if anything. All the odd stuff that doesn’t make sense at first glance makes perfect sense when you consider who the type of people who ran Anglo and did business with the bank were - and who they modelled themselves upon. Arthur Daley wideboys on the make, with better educations, basically. And much more cynical.


The source is an eccentric conspiracy theory blog, but, still, intriguing:



The photo here is not Patrick Kennedy -

‘Patrick Kennedy
Director at Valartis Bank (Austria) AG
Senior Manager at Anglo Irish Bank Isle of Man
Assistant Director at EFG Private Bank London
Manager at Standard Chartered Bank
Henley Management College
Mill Hill School’ … ent-page-3


How do you know?