The curious case of the fall in crime

I’ve often thought that the increase in computer usage amongst young people might account for some of it. Less bored youths roaming the streets in groups egging each other on as they’re all inside playing the xbox or on facebook.

Emmigration…so many of the young lads that could/would be getting into trouble have gone to Australia, England etc.
Thats my theory

I disagree.
Young lads who emigrate do so to find employment.

The criminal class arn’t in that category.

I would always assume petty crime has a direct link with drugs.
Anyone know how the current drug trade is these days ?

I think you’re half right. There are less bored teenagers and with smaller families there just aren’t those sets of brothers/siblings that got soccer games started on the estate green. As a bored teenager it was always a group of brothers that were the nucleus of a neighbourhood gangs, the most notorious being a gang of seven brothers, steps of the stairs. They all graduated into jail until the two youngest just weren’t enough to egg eachother into trouble, they’d lost critical mass!
I was from a family of five boys and we all hung out with other large families to make up games that would go on into the fading light. Now my brothers have smaller families and they’re directly involved in their kids activity, there isn’t that independence that we grew up with.

Thats a very interesting hypothesis. It sounds very credible. Ive never heard it before. I reckon if you scrapped together some source data on that you could get a paper on “The Brother Hypothesis” published in a scientific journal.

Yeah, but a lot of the lads that emmigrate are in their prime so to speak… a lot of lads who have left would have worked in the physical trades such as building. Work hard, play hard cohort…plenty of boozing after work from Friday through to Sunday. As a result some got into drugs and anti-social behaviour etc.
I saw a lot of that down the country during the ‘boom’…and the majority of those lads have now left. The lads who have stayed have less cash to drink/snort and less members in the group to run with at the weekends

But crime is going down all over - including in the places where the Irish emigrants end up.

The report is about a decrease in crime across the western world, not just Ireland…

Personally, I think its down to the younger generation being a lot less brain washed than we were in terms of their succumbing to advertising/lifestyle propoganda etc. Many societies have tasted consumerism now and many seem to be deciding that its pretty shit, including the former communist ones…more and more, many people seem to be happy enough to have access the basics…plus Im coming across more and more Russian hippies for example…Id imagine that a Russian hippie scene would have been unthinkable 15 years ago…

As an aside, I had reason to be in a cop shop here in the ‘3rd world’ last night and got to witness a petty criminal being waterboarded in front of my own eyes. The guy had been part of a group that had stolen a camera. The three of us friends who were there together (to include one local) were flabbergasted. We had been brought in to have a look with a view to assuring us that our incident was being taken as seriously as it should have been by the cops in question. The guy still kept his mouth shut despite being unable to walk afterwards and carried out of the room and up a stairs by the guards,

Everything is relative I suppose…

There is also a very ugly anti-gay element in Russia (and former Soviet territories) at the minute.

True…but again, the rise of the far right, to my mind, is another version of the rejection of comfortable, aspirant materialism in favour of an embracing of the cult of warrior, tribe, warped (IMO) sense of honour etc…and the far-right have always made a big deal of law and order issues…on their own terms of course… it would be interesting to see the figures in relation to hate crimes over the same period…maybe they are going up while ordinary criminality has decreased??

And here’s a previous article identifying low-level lead poisoning in children. … -poisoning. If we see a crime spike in 15-20 years, you’ll be able to say for sure… … ge-001.jpg
see right hand side of frontpage.
prison commitals down on previous years.
reasons given:
reported crime down significantly.
judges are now obligied to consider non-custodial punishment.

also there is a project to release prisoners earlier according to the report.

There is so much evidence of this. Again and Again and Again. Drink and Drugs always involved. But I don’t think its primarily a drink and drugs excuse - that’s just what the underclass spend their time and money on. They are thugs before they’re addicts. … 05520.html … 75815.html
2005 … 34490.html … 24056.html

There are so many NAMA hotels we could convert into prisons. If someone is driving without tax and insurance they should go to jail. Only scum do this. Because they have a fundamentally faulty view of their community. It’s like when you see the underclass eating on the street and tossing the litter in a sort of nonchalant way even though there’s a bin nearby. Other people don’t matter to them.

I remember reading somewhere a UK cop saying that if you went around a supermarket car park, it is the badly parked cars that aren’t roadworthy, taxed, insured etc.

Cue tirade about Seanie Fitz’s disregard for his community. I really don’t care. He’s not about to break into my parents house with a garden shears.

Sunday Business Post had an article on white collar crime yesterday.

Central Bank has sent 689 reports of suspected criminal behaviour in the financial services industry to the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation and other state agencies over the past four years.

But just two prosecutions have been taken as a result - a prosecution rate of 0.29%. There has been one conviction and another case is before the courts

Catching white collar criminals must be tedious work.

Also, I’d imagine the overhead paperwork must deter resources being utilised sufficiently as a lot of lost time could be spent trawling though reams of data.

Pathetic prosecution rate nonetheless.

What a bizarre insult, when you think about it… “do-gooder”

Rape has increased +23% (2021) +11% (2019)
Murder * +7% (2021) +7% (2019)
• Murder – Attempt* -25% (2021) -68% (2019)
• Human Trafficking* -17% (2021) =% (2019)
• Harassment, Stalking, threats -5% (2021) +17% (2019)
• Assault Causing Harm +34% (2021) +14% (2019)
• Minor Assault +32% (2021) -1% (2019) • Demanding Payment of Debt* +50% (2021) +280% (2019)

Murder rate doubles in one year. What has happened in the last year that makes it so dramatically different - I wonder?

Right so I wasn’t imaging it.

Civil War is what always shoots up the murder rate.

They’ve done this before.

Just one more thing…