The Custom House Capital Ponzi.


Primt Time just ran a show on this…Central Bank covered itself in glory once again. 1 of the former CH directors now runs his own Pension’s business and has passed all CB fit and proper tests.
No prosecutions advised as yet by the DPP

Sad,sick joke


That was a well made, very revealing but very depressing, Prime Time Investigates.

Nothing changes.


Disgusting disgraceful and appalling I thought I was shockproof but this just made me so angry. I dont do violence but if I was elderly and my pension had been stolen I might change my mind. Well done RTE PrimeTme


Its a programme that has to be watched to be believed,it really is beyond belief that this happened anywhere outside Nigeria,those wretched individuals both within the Central Bank and Custom House should be taken to a field,stripped naked and beaten with shit covered hurleys for 2 & half hours by those they defrauded before being thrown in prison for the rest of their lives…but this dysfunctional shit hole of a State doesn’t do accountability,regulation or decency.

You really would be inclined to throw your hat at it,I imagined that the financial meltdown that we were recently visited with would not occur again in my lifetime…now I would almost bet on it recurring again inside a decade,there is literally no one at the fucking wheel.


I’ll have to give it a watch on the RTE player


That’s an oddly specific punishment.


2hrs 30 mins requires a lot of stamina,there will likely be breaks etc for tea and re coating/dipping the hurleys in fresh shit,I have chosen this lad as a stand in and General in charge of ensuring a good beating is delivered.

Ah wishful thinking.


From a reputation point of view, how can he still be working in the industry? Surely there must be a grapevine within in the industry, where people would know not to go anywhere near a company owned by a certain person. I know there’s a more obvious answer to that.


The old school tie…probably getting some business from his former chums in school and don’t forget the rugby connections.

Here’s the website
Are John and Johnny father and son???


He was a non-exec director and claims to have had no knowledge of the misappropriation:
Indo from last year: Custom House director now selling pensions


So he was only aware of some of the crimes. Interesting defence!


There must be grounds for serious mental health concerns for the Irish great and good - an insidious amnesia seems to be rife within their ranks!
Periodic outbreaks going back to Tribunal days at least!
Toxic impurities in the gold of which the circles were forged, perhaps?


Nothing in there about the regulator that wasn’t set out by JXBR 3 years ago in this thread.


Yep, I went back and read the first couple of pages on the thread. Congratulations to jxbr for the clear-sighted posts…


Shane Ross gets his oar in … 01069.html


Ross is on to something here.

Don’t forget that the ever reliable Con Horan has gone back into the Regulator to continue his sterling work of regulating Irish financial institutions. Honohan is simply delusional if he thinks Irish regulation is anyway fit for purpose. This kind of complacency has a way of being exposed before too long.


Same old, Same old sad Irish song:
No end of Regulations - but precious little Regulation!


Ah shure, we couldn’t be enforcing the regs … there’d be no jobs fer us when we leave the regulator, & the boys wouldn’t be taking us out for lunch every week.


The article is worth reading for an overview of what they did.
I’m sure Grumpy may have something to add.

Incidentally, could a bank robber simply claim they were improperly transferring funds ?


Has anyone done jail time on this? Or am I being ridiculous, this is Ireland after all?