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It doesn’t have to apply just to America, the guys a leg end, we could do with more things here…

God help America.


Donald Trumps joint venture with DAMAC at Trump International Golf Course Dubai, oh my what will the muslims say???


Will more than likely help his poll numbers.


Carson wants to ‘monitor’ all visitors to the US.



They must be pretty embarrassed down around Doonbeg these days.

The guy is a fcuking danger at this point.
Frankly, if JFK, RFK, MLK etc etc couldn’t last then surely this turd has a bullet waiting for him.


I’d say they were still embarrassed by the fin min waiting to greet them off the plane last time and the faux ceili on the Shannon runway.


haha yep!


You know, who cares what they say.
The West does enough tippy toeing around rich hypocritical Muslim oligarchs.
I’d prefer Donald Trump as my president to Peter Sutherland.


Don’t mistake Trump throwing pieces of meat to the rabid margin for him pushing the Saudi’s around. No chance.


Most of the bookies have Rubio as odds-on for the nomination now. He and others are escaping proper scrutiny because everyone is obsessing about Trump, for obvious reasons.

Still, Trump is the second favourite so it’s getting beyond the self-promotional novelty act it was this time last year. Rubio could easily come unstuck over some gaffe or other. Then it’s Trump v Clinton. No much dirt left to rake up on Clinton at this stage but who knows what twists and turns a campaign could take. What if she takes ill for a weekend in September and people worry that she’s not up to it.

There are already websites - Google ‘em, I don’t want to hyperlink - claiming she is hiding MS and/or a series of strokes. Trump would have no qualms about stirring that up with his usual level of subtlety. "Ever thought about how Muslims, Multiple Sclerosis and Multiple Stokes all start and end with MS? I’m just sayin’…Think about it, think about it…"


You have to give it to Trump he knows how to enrage the rabble. In these times you get elected by saying whatever is needed to be said to get enough people behind you then you disown it when you get in. You can see it here too, they’re promising whatever they think they can get away with. None of it will not be delivered, they’ll wait for some crisis to come along so that they can say the money disappear or the time.