The David McWilliams thread


Thouhgt I’d create a thread to display his wise words as he is producing a lot of stuff relevant to this site at the moment.There have been a few posts of his writings but all under different threads,hopefully this should keep them all together in future?

Mods:I’ve looked for a specific DMW thread and couldn’t find one,if you think this new one isn’t warranted or already exists delete it.

Incidentally a Big Mac here in England costs £2.20 = E2.54 so costs 50% more in Ireland,that’ is some gap to fill.


That can easily be explained by the Irish people’s inherrent need to own their own big macs.


No, no, no, there is a limited supply of beef in the country, and you can’t just grow some more you know…

Our valiant Green Party are trying to address the situation by re-zoning all the land in the country as cow-belt. As cows emit methane, a prominent greenhouse gas, the GP will tax them very heavily, so eh, their policy will fail… but nevermind… it’ll keep them occupied for a few years…


DMcW already has his own blog with enthusiastic commentary at

As long as people quote relevant bits of his articles with attribution and provide their own comments then fire away. No wholesale reposting of entire articles please.


:laughing: superb!


Sorry, I’m missing something here. This is MickyDs we’re talking about.

What has beef got to do with the price of a burger ? :neutral_face:


+1 excellent :laughing:


Rabo are running a “Fancy a word in David McWilliam’s ear?” blog this week to gather questions to put to him. I’d imagine some pinsters have a few interesting ones for him!


Questions and answers here … fault.aspx


This probably won’t last long.



Saw about 4 posts around 7:00
Now it’s just an invalid link.

Must be a technical problem.

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Enlighten me please. What was that AAM thread about? Has David McWilliams called the bottom and started buying up apartment blocks in Leitrim. Was he one of the Anglo 10? Did he give Bertie a digout?

Say it aint so.


It pointed to Mr. McWilliams’ prediction of another 30% at least to go. Elicited some further comments along those lines (80% peak to trough).

edit: Oh, and he and Morgan Kelly are one and the same. The wig is a disguise. He’s bipolar with David being the cheery one. That’s why you never see them in the same room together…



I listened to that interview. Ironically, I got the sense from it that McWilliams was primarily referring to the people who had rubbished his views for many years.


To be fair to him, his diaspora idea makes more sense in long form than in short - the last chapter of his most recent book, for example (available in all good libraries!).


I don’t think he invented the Celtic Tiger phrase. Wasn’t it some professor/academic type?


Well done Fergus. Good article. Unless points like these are addressed we will be drowned in “we are where we are” and lets look forward not backwards. The FF policy of building on malpractice and shady deals is like building the castle in the swamp. “The first two sank, the third burnt down toppled over and sank but the fourth one stood”. So the current generation of Irish school leavers can kiss their futures goodbye and in 10 or 15 years when we have nama paid off and we get back to where we were in 1996 then the government can say we are where we are and there is no point looking back.
If this vista won’t get Irish people out on the streets then there is no hope for us.


“Stop trying to be positive and constructive David, you’re wasting your time. Please get back to the cribbing and moaning from the sidelines that you were so good at”.

Is that about the height of it?


He’s finished his book according to him on twitter. Also commented that “NAMAis most radical thing any economy has done. goes against all economic logic. is a disaster. let banks go bust. no big deal”