The David McWilliams thread


Surely he’s referring to our overlords inability to do nothing but spin?


Subtitles for the differently-abled thinkers:

It’s been absolutely ages since I have been on the telly or in the papers. Nobody is paying me any attention. I will have to make an outlandish statement to get noticed.


I made this very point to him once after he sent me an email, when I’d posted on his site years ago.

If you get caught in a lie/mistake, the only thing to do is apologize, & admit you were wrong. If you do the hand flappy thing, & ignore the fact that you’ve been caught; your credibility is shot to shit. Credibility is hard won, but easily lost; & I’d called him on an obvious falsehood, (which he’d made for effect/attention), & instead of admitting he was wrong; he just sailed by my point.

He had a choice of being an Economist, or a Journalist/Blogger, & he made his choice, & decided that any semblance of accuracy was subsidiary to him being on the radio :frowning:


Trinity professorship for McWilliams … 98646.html


I’m a bit confused though. The press release says he’s going to be teaching a single course but he announced himself as a “professor” on Twitter. Unlike in the US, a professor means something very specific here, and I don’t think the TCD announcement says “professorship”. Can anyone confirm?


Try this link -


Completely agree with you. BTW - I also made a post asking him to choose between David the entertainer and David the Economist a few years ago. He didn’t reply to me though. Boo hoo! Anyway, he’s made his choice as you say. He’s just an Econotainer like Ambrose Evans Pritchard, not to be taken seriously. What shocked me was that Brian Lenihan went to him for advice during the crisis. He really didn’t know anyone better to ask? He may have well have asked Twink or Ryan Tubridy.


He’s an adjunt (sic) associate professor. Essentially a guest lecturer who’ll teach some economics to MBAs. It’s an extension of his celebrity career rather than an academic departure.

Edit: I don’t think “professor” means as much as it used to in Ireland.


he was teaching in Independent Colleges. This is a slight step up.

In fact it’s probably more accurate to say he’s dragging the Trinners MBA down to his level


I don’t thtink “Ireland” means as much as it use too. :neutral_face:


Trinity Business School, in my opinion, is money poorly spent by Trinity. This appointment does nothing to convince me that it’s a worthwhile exercise given the optic of choosing celebrity.


Everybody making the assumption he is teaching an economics module (which to be fair is set at LC level)

Self promotion is a skill every young MBA graduate needs :slight_smile:


TCD adopted US academic titles a number of years ago and so far they are the only Irish University to do so. Details of their meaning compared to the academic titles used in other Irish universities are explained here:

The move has been greeted by a lot of sneering in other universities (every duck is now a swan in Trinity, was the response of a colleague in the university where I work) but than we academics are a bitchy lot. I know that a lot of established academics in Trinity refuse to use the titles and are particularly embarrassed by assistant lecturers calling themselves ‘professor’.

Anyway back to McWilliams ‘associate professor’ is the equivalent to senior lecturer. TCD business school may operate special pay scales (business schools often get away with this in my experience) but if McWilliams is on the standard university pay scale he will earn the €65 per hour of teaching (less if he entered the public sector after 2010) and will pay the full public sector pension contribution and pension levy (=15 per cent, payable even though he won’t quality for a public sector pension) + tax. So he will come our with about €35 per hour. Considering he will have to do at least three hours prep for every hour he teaches. So he will be earning around the minimum wage.

Did he mention that in the press release?


Thanks for the clarification mocame. I didn’t realise that TCD had watered things down. Back in my day there being a professor was a prized title and some very deserving people were stuck at Senior Lecturer level because funding did not exist for a chair.


Another Trinity ‘Associate?] Professor’ of Finance :nin (not McWilliams) previously publicly called for the Irish Banks to be refinanced by selling their deposit books, i.e. he could not differentiate between an asset and a liability. That resulted in a 95% devaluation of the title Professor at TCD for me.

[Edited to reflect that the dude was/is a prof or assoc prof of finance and not economics.]


Are you sure? There are apparently only two men holding that title, Francis O’Toole and Andrew Somerville.


The reason I’ve heard given is that Irish titles aren’t understood internationally, thus putting everyone who’s worked in Ireland with the “old Irish” system at a major disadvantage if applying for work abroad. Having deflated titles is fine if everyone understands them, but apparently nobody does.

Seems pretty reasonable to me.


Yes, it’s even worse than that. He is a ‘Professor in Finance’.


Are you saying that Negative Covenant doesn’t know the difference between finance and economics? :smiley:


There’s enough overlap that I might be inclined to forgive that. :wink: Assets and liabilities on the other hand are the opposite of one another so mixing them up is pretty damning…