The David McWilliams thread


Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa - apologies to the two economics professors. If I could find the red faced emoticon he would be here in person to confirm my embarrassment. Not as sloppy as recommending the sale of a deposit book but unforgivably sloppy on my part all the same.


From reading McWilliams’s Twitter I thought he was being appointed Provost.


Gurdiev must be wondering where it went wrong…


Guirdiev seems to spend more time on twitter predicting imminent doom.

While McWilliams is considered a spoofer who panders to a willing audience, it;s not the end in the world having an alternative voice in an MBA program. The only thing you might want to do is double check his exam questions…

Q1. Who is most definitely NOT responsible for the Bank guarantee? - 95 points
Q2. What was the most important piece of economic commentary ever? a) THE POPE’s CHILDREN, b) Wealth of Nations, c) Das Kapital - 5 points


all joking aside

Shane Ross ?? … mcwilliams


Holy proverbial. That is an appalling reading list.

“The Pope’s Children” isn’t actually that bad a read. I enjoyed it.
“The Bankers” is a load of sh1te. Similar to his book “Wasters” which I sadly also read. Simply a list of stuff with nothing of real interest and no balance/comparative analysis. They were books designed for a specific audience - those that are permanently outraged.
Fintan O’Toole is not a credible economic commentator. He is a rabid socialist who misuses figures & superlatives to suit his agenda.
I haven’t read Matt Coopers book.

Some of these are reviewed here. Common theme is unbalanced rage, fury & claims of corruption.

Compare and contrast the above with Goldman’s reading list. Worlds apart. I guess though ?the Trinity course isn’t meant to be for experts.


The Professor is on the Late Late Show…


All sorts of back slapping for the professor on twitter/Facebook. Anyone care to summarise the content of his interview on last night’s De lay lay? I just can’t bear to watch tubbers


Immigration is great…Multiculturalism is the way forward (despite the Brits, French and Germans having said it’s failed in their countries, but I’m sure under Paddy’s leadership it will be an unqualified success). Population diversity is unavoidable


and the super rich are hoovering up all the empty houses, well those in the right places anyway.


I watched it and thought it was pretty vacuous. Seems DMW has just woken up to the fact that the supply narrative doing the rounds in Ireland is in fact a farce and seems compelled to tell everyone all of a sudden, although that’s not a bad thing as people need to wake up to the fact. Nothing else of interest to be honest. I don’t dislike DMW, he has a lot of good things to say, but this interview was pants, just sound-bytes for the Facebook generation and their ever diminishing attention spans.


Well he appears to be using stats from 2011 to allege lots of empties in Dublin so he’s probably doing more damage to his cause really.


The rich get richer


Watching the RTE show at the moment… nothing interesting half way in. Rehashing things we already know and using unrelated information from abroad.


Tonight’s effort is awful so far presenting such awe-inspiring insights as: some watches are very expensive, private jets may have decent catering, rich people like to make money, people without lots of money would like more…

…while shamelessly trying (and failing miserably) to rip off Adam Curtis’ documentary style both in terms of narration and use of archive, how hideously embarrassing for all concerned, mostly McWilliams.


It’s over and safe to say the second half wasn’t any more interesting than the first half. A waste of an hour unfortunately!


I watched and for once i thpught dmcw did a good job. Especially towards the end. Tax fairness, the importance of hope. Not original ideas but delivered well by dmcw.


I thought it was populist nonsense. Some of the points he was trying to make were undermined by facts that were often mentioned in the same sentence.


He has to throw that nama scama muck at the wall over and over again, and hopefully some of it will stick with the average viewer.

This sort of show is about reminding joe taxpayer of the bleedin obvious, rather than providing insight after the horse has bolted. How is joe taxpayer going to react. what are you going to do about it? I think that’s the point David was making when he said the centre can’t hold forever.


Nothing majorly new and probably 40 minutes too long. Would have been a good insert into Prime Time or Claire Byrne Live if it were more concise.

Maybe I expect too little, but it was 9.30pm on RTE - hardly the forum for ground-breaking insights; more typically a simple and broad-brush distillation of something very complex.

The take-home, repeated ad nauseam in case the audience missed it - was that the rich are getting richer and the poor have reason to lose hope. Social mobility is on its way out.

That’s a pretty big idea to communicate to a mainstream audience with mixed levels of interest in this kind of topic. With the exception of the occasional Prime Time Investigates programme, this is about as good as it gets on a Monday night on RTE One.