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Donal Lynch in the Sindo joins the bandwagon
I switched off my smartphone. Come, join me…
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McWilliams wants to move Dublin Port -
shame about the details … -1.3390873



Ah Jesus - the last thing the floppy haired commentator wants is cold hard facts. Especially if they make him look little a muppet :slight_smile:


I skimmed that article on moving the port looking for an answer to the question ‘to where?’ but never found it. Just move it…up a bit to, like, Rush or Skerries something? He doesn’t even really propose a location because, when he thought about any specific alternative, it was a non-runner.

He has a bad habit of seeing something nice on his travels and thinking we should do that here. You get the sense that he rarely has a brain wave that he’s not determined to squeeze an article out of; he either doesn’t investigate deeply enough or, if he does, he rarely abandons ideas when faced with the impracticality of their execution. The Irish Times Editor might want a word with one of their newest and most expensive star signings.

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bonus points for Copenhagen or somewhere cool; extra points for Barcelona especially;


This comes up every 5-10 years and when looked at in detail always proves to be a non-runner. The only people who could do it would be Dublin Port themselves on a timescale of 10-20 years at a cost of billions.


Move Dublin. Leave the port well enough alone.


If we shift the port to Athlone, it would decentralise the population, freeing up commercial and residential properties for tech companies in the capital.

Water is a scarce resource so smart companies will use drones instead of ships and send growing volumes of goods electronically.

Think about it.

[McWilliams’ out-of-the-box-thinking shtick may be running its course unless he starts trying a bit harder. He can’t just bang out 700 words on a plane to Malmo]


The UK shows the danger of taking newspaper columnists too seriously. Guys like McWilliams are regarded as deep thinkers in the same way that Gove, Zac Goldsmith,Boris Johnson, Nick Timothy (May’s advisor now a Torygraph columnist) are/were. They have a similar regard for details and consequences of their blue sky thinking.

The Dublin Port suggestion is a mere amusing brain fart compared to his other bright idea of guaranteeing de banks.

Let’s not forget his previous rambling on how great the Stockholm rental market was even though the world and his mother knew it was even worse than Dublin. Lazy fucker


Or even move Dublin Port to Copenhagen or Barcelona, both coastal cities with land links to the rest of Europe.


He fails to mention viewpoint diversity but hes still doing OK… … e-workers/

And almost by way of illustration in todays IT … -1.3487164

As if a need exists to ‘regenerate’ inner city communities that have existed and lived together for generations…to be replaced no doubt by a ‘diverse’ mix of disconnected ‘young professionals’ who all act and think in unison…these people are like the fucking Borg


Ah yes those wonderful inner city communities.
So much to lose by upgrading the shabby city.

Wot you on about mate ?


Chinese model?

Edit - If you want to regenerate, why not regenerate Foxrock and around? Ive heard most people from there have to travel elsewhere for work and that the place is a ghost town during the daytime.

As an example, the Liberties (one of those areas marked for diverse regeneration) is possibly the least in need of ‘regenerating’ in the entire city.


As an example, the Liberties (one of those areas marked targeted for ‘regeneration’…



Some people would rather junkie injection centers to infest our city.

Ah for the good old days of Summerhill and Pearse Street.

The liberties sounds great until you’d actually live there .

Oh but look the locals don’t want more homeless shelters either, they WANT a better neighbourhood.

Large parts of Dublin city center are dirty , dilapidated looking and unsafe.


Don’t be so obtuse. No one is arguing that.

The discussion is about the nature, quality, speed and scale of the development, not that there should be no development.


All I see is a lot of moaning about improving previously skangery areas.


You’re missing the points of McWilliams piece.

  1. Its becoming more and more difficult for anyone who isn’t very well paid to live in modern cities the world over.
    2)The cities themselves do not benefit from this fact due to an absence of that most prized of modern commodities ie genuine diversity in the makeup of the population.
  2. The reference to unlisting currently listed buldings with a view to pulling them down would appear to sit perfectly with such an agenda and the cynics amongst us would view such a project as simply a means to remove a certain demographic from the life of the city ie the working class/locals/indigenous population (whatever term you prefer).
  3. As noted above, such moves only really serve a corporate/developer agenda which would appear to favour a city centre comprised of transient impersonal populations that pay top level rents to the exclusion of sustainable liveable neighbourhoods.

As an aside, although Im not from the area I lived in a flat in the Liberties for 10 years. In my view its fine the way it is and the current ‘regeneration’ plan will simply turn out to be an attempt at population replacement along the lines outlined above. Some may view this as a positive and there are some arguments in favour. But ultimately I don’t think its a good thing in the context of what McWilliams is getting at.

Plus Im against injection rooms and further homeless/addiction shelters in the Liberties or the rest of the city centre generally. Why they cant be dispersed a bit more evenly around the rest of the city would again (IMO) tie in with why the whole ‘regeneration’ spiel gets such traction in the first place.


Good points I agree with many of them. I don’t want Dublin to become like San Fran it is definitely on its way there . The city center is already mostly foreigners according to census data I believe, at least on the Northside (was back there a while back and it wasnt a good look…the area has not improved except for more ethnic eateries ).

I am one of those folks who likes the idea of moving home but when I check the financial and logistical feasibility it makes almost zero sense. It is a great shame how badly managed infrastructure and housing has been in Ireland and Dublin in particular . What is even worse is to see from afar how quickly the masses have gone back to the ‘property buzz’. There was a chanCe there to do things differently but…No…

I am naturally disinclined to buy into the ‘listed buildings’ argument for what are often ratty apartment blocks with major social problems. An obligatory picture of some long gone semi famous architect is used instead of looking at the actual condition of the buildings. Ironically many probably replaced the tenements of their day as part of urban regeneration.