The David McWilliams thread


Who knows for sure. However, I am sure that there is something big, something very big, probably more than one very big thing that ‘they’ will do anything to keep hidden from us.


Well if the Roman bridge fell down the master builder was strung up by the provincial governor.

The Miami bridge was built by a quota person who was completely professionally unqualified for the project. But very well qualified t o be a quota hire.


Well that video is ligit. Thats how a launch from Vandenberg would look from Bakersfield. Just over the Coastal Range from the launch site.

I used to watch the Minuteman and MX launches from Vandenberg back in the 1980’s. From just down the coast from the base. It was closer than Bakersfield so it was a lot more spectacular.

One fun fact about Vandenberg is that it is one of the US second strike sites. So it has the best ABM defense in the US. So in any emergency that part of Central California is probably the safest place to be. With a good size mountain or two between you and Vandenberg, just in case. The Cuyama Valley just inland or up by Fort Hunter Liggett would be good bets.


Oh this video I linked is one I absolutely believe is legit. Why I picked it although I probably should have said so, after casting doubt on the others! Mainly for the very interesting effect pictured in the thumbnail. When seen to a more minor degree in other launches they talk about sunlight, or thrusters. I can’t remember what they said this effect was due to for this launch.

Edited - ah yes, “smoke”


Utterly ridiculous that this pair can call themselves left wing. McWilliams has turned into a total parody of himself over the lockdown. He’s as insufferable as Ryan Tubridy imo.

I recall his suggestion that we change the term “lockdown” to “lock-in” cos sure we’re Irish and we’ve all had great craic back at the pub after hours. Haha, yes Dave!! He figured it would make it seem less austere.

As per usual his army of sycophants were whooping and hollering in agreement. (I cannot bring myself to search his twitter timeline for it). The thought of being stuck in a pub with him at 2am when the doors is locked is pretty horrendous. Insincere, bullshitter, Fr Trendy, uncool Uncle type.


McWilliams gave a shout out to the journalists at the Dublin Inquirer who have been exposing the flipping of the old Chivers jam site in Coolock.

This was ex-Nama, knocked out at a steep discount and recently flipped for 10 times the price after the rezoning for ‘affordable housing’:

Company records for 2016 gave the value of the land owned by Veni Vidi Vici Limited to be €2.55 million. The company, which bought the site in Coolock that year, doesn’t own any land elsewhere in Ireland, suggest property records.

Cushman and Wakefield, the sales agent, didn’t respond to a query asking for the current guide price for the site. But a report in the Irish Times property section earlier this month put it at €25 million – almost 10 times more than the company records figure.

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