The Death of Dublin


I thought I would start this thread after reading this article

Is the capital changing for the better or worse?
Please discuss


You reap what you sow.

The liberalisation process of the past 40 years was primarily an assault on the prevailing traditional rural/working class culture with which Irishness itself was associated with the world over until the past decade or so.

Open disdain for country people or indeed the people of inner city Dublin became culturally acceptable amongst those deemed to matter with the assumption being that abandonment of everything distinctly Irish, in tandem with the embrace of multi national globalism, was somehow ‘progressive’. In this context, the destruction of Moore Street or the erasure of communities like Sherriff Street as well as the placement of Direct Provision centres on places like Achill island are deemwd acceptable forms of ‘progress’.

However when said ‘progress’ sets its sights on the Bernard Shaw or Dublins Joycean heritage, all of a sudden it becomes an issue.

So no sympathy. How ironic that the brave new world the crowd dancing around the courtyard of Dublin Castle believed themselves to be celebrating in the aftermath of the abortion referendum, is likely to include their own erasure.


I remember Dublin city, in the rare ould times.


I didn’t bother going to the latest Quentin Tarantino film.

Twenty years ago it was an escape to a fantastical world of weird characters, grotesque violence and dubious morals. Nowadays I seek out entertainment that removes me from stories like that in print or on web.


The reports of Dublin’s death are greatly exaggerated.

The same is not so true of many small towns in the greater midlands area who are on the watch list.


’Only Indians’ rental advert in Dublin sparks outrage

The words ‘no Irish need apply’ may be a thing of the past but it seems to remain true on some Dublin property sites.

A Facebook advert for a city centre room has sparked a discrimination row after it specified ‘only Indians’ would be considered as flatmates.

The unidentified resident posted on Facebook last Friday that he was looking for three more flatmates to share his one-bedroom apartment, for €400 each. But it wasn’t the over-cramped living situation that raised eyebrows – rather the line ‘only looking for Indians’.

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In other news:

Indian Man looks for 3 more Indian people to share his 1 bed Irish flat.

Surely this is POSITIVE discrimination in action no… like gender quotas n’shyte, that was his point in running such a style of advert was it not? :icon_beer: