The Death of Dublin



Yeah I assume the list was made by some one in their early 20s, but most of it is true, why the hell are SIPTU supporting illegal immigration for example

Arrive at the café. Sorry I’m late. Don’t worry man, you want a coffee? I like my team, even if I have a difficult time communicating with them fully. They are all foreign-born and most share apartments (if not bedrooms) at scalp-rate rents with others from Spain, Poland, Brazil, Argentina. We sling coffees out for the office caste, and for that it has been decided that we all receive €10 an hour. A cheap house costs roughly €300,000 – you do the maths. But at least we can eat all the pastries we want. Although the lousy weather makes me wonder, why do they stay here at all? Something nags at me, that it isn’t simply the grá for Éire herself that persuades them to stay. In any case, there is a certain sense of solidarity and even satisfaction in our labours. Work is fun. Getting paid minimum wage is not.

Once my shift is over, I take refuge on a bench outside and eat my overpriced sambo. Something is wrong with all this, but I cannot say exactly how. My brother is living with my grandparents, and moving out is becoming less and less possible by the day. My grandparents owned a house and had three children by the time they were thirty, with my grandmother not working all the while, and my grandfather only had his Leaving. I sit there and wonder, how much of my tax goes to paying the interest of a loan which the Irish Government signed off on when I was just twelve years old?

A good description of the Irish economy


Will it ever end? We are holding onto the balloon, and we keep ascending. If we keep holding on, we are surely doomed. And if we let go?


Whoever he is he’s on the ball and well able to write


Even the cops are getting in on the act now


Not confined to Dublin


The Rose escorts will like that.


It’s a difficult thing to have to say, but recognising a problem is the first step in solving it. Our capital city at night is a dangerous place, where you feel deeply concerned about your personal safety. Walk from the Spire to Stephen’s Green at 10.00pm and see for yourself.

— Ciaran Cannon (@ciarancannon) February 10, 2022

This is a Fine Gael TD from rural Galway. Well at least he’s speaking up, but if only Fine Gael had of been in Government all this time…


A walk from the Spire to the green is tame enough, I could send him on more interesting routes


No more Dr Quirkeys, ring a ring a rosie, as the light declines…

I can see what the smart set are trying to achieve, but since they also have pro junkie, Gypsie, beggar policies its not going to work


Such premises were already banned at ground level from O’Connell Street

I count four slot arcades just on O’Connell St; maybe it was for new planning applications. Either way, they have been illegal for all practical purposes in DCC since 1984 with the owners using some spurious loopholes to keep going-hence the “rise” of Bray just over the county line when Dublin was just one local authority. That ban using by-laws came about following a campaign by The Evening Herald after an 18 year old lost his dole in an hour on poker machines in Jason’s in Ranelagh and went home and hanged himself…


Dublin City Centre is in danger of becoming “just a place for rich people” with high-earning tech professionals pricing other workers out of the property market.

Irish Independent Technology Editor Adrian Weckler is warning that the tech boom in Ireland has led to a “kind of a San Franciscoisation of Dublin” with properties inside the canals now unaffordable for most people.

In his latest column , Mr Weckler notes that people looking to buy property within the canals are battling against a growing cohort of high-earning tech workers who can pay far higher prices.

He warns that things are about to get tougher, with companies like Google now starting to bring staff back to the Dublin office, at least on a part-time basis.

Given the scummy, violent feel around Dublin city centre lately, it may resemble a South African city more closely than a Californian one if it keeps this up.


Dublin City has always had scummy riff-raff running amok. Part of the modern day problem is that a lot of the above mentioned migrant tech workers are not as quick to sense where the danger is coming from.

If you’ve grown up in Ireland you’ll better twig the guttural accents, clothing and gait of a skanger who is potentially going to cause trouble.

I remember once an Italian colleague of mine mistakenly thought the Northside was the posh part because of the expensive tracksuits, runners and jewellery the locals were wearing.


Dublin, Capital of Western Ukrania

Seems lively enough… “butt naked” man, walks down O’Connell street, saddles by an Christian street preacher while a Sister is haven’ nun of it!

Part 1 -

Part 2 -


You’re the Government. What the hell do you want us to do about it!


Pay for nicer cars & more security for the poor poor politicians that have to go to Kildare Street?


O’Connell Street 2pm this afternoon-tourists, shoppers and commuters were stepping around this:


I took a walk in the Phoenix Park this evening. Ever since they shut off parking on Chesterfield Avenue there is nowhere convenient to park. It was a lovely warm evening. Hardly anyone walking in the park. Really weird. Large swathes of the park with no one to be seen. Compared to St Catherine’s Park the Phoenix Park is empty.

Way to go OPW. How long before the disused park starts sprouting 15 storey apt blocks.


Pravda Archives 2009, what do you notice?



Were they reduced to dining on Cardboard flakes for brekkie?