The Death of the Irish Village

apropos the closure of the post office in Toureen Co Mayo and elsewhere reported here .

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In population terms the collapse will rival the 1950s and the 1980s in some areas. It has already started . This year and next year the trickle will become a flood.

Yes its and whats funny is the capital and regional cities lost as opposed to gained population in the 2006 census :smiley:

great little country this :smiley:

There is a belt around the 10 largest cities that increased its population eg Kildare vis a vis Dublin. Toureen is well outside that belt which in the nearest case is the Galway belt stopping at Tuam or the Castlebar belt which goes about 5 miles out.

yeah, the masses flocked to the urban centers during the boom only to be turned away en mass because of the cost of accommodation,
which will people commuting from shoe boxes and at the same time having drained the blood from rural ireland

And, of course, it’s all utterly dependent on free oil ($100 is laughably cheap, when you consider just how extremely dependent we are on the stuff for virtually everything you see) from nations full of people who elect fanatical anti-westerners every time they’re allowed a free vote.

It’s a little bit like if the Falls road populace freely chose to get all of its drinking water electricity and medicine from the most fanatically loyalist areas up the road.

The Empty Homes of Yokosawa Village

Not in the same locality, but same country. My father in law’s vegetables were dug up and eaten by a wild boar! The ones that weren’t stolen by monkeys that is. A man in the next town was attacked by a bear. The monkeys sometimes also come inside the house to steal, etc. (these type of events were as much outside of normal experience for them as for me 15 years ago by the way).

Place is beautiful, land is super cheap. If I could get a job there I’d be buying a house there instead of back to Ireland, unfortunately there are no jobs or children or anything to sustain it. The population profile has tipped below whatever threshold. The only way is down.

You are only looking at it from one angle.
The other side is, theres still oodles of the stuff. Coupled with the fact that theres still, potentially, much to be discovered.
Furthermore, no matter how dependant on oil we are, the economies of most oil producing countries are infinitely more dependant upon the sale of it !

Good riddance to it and other small villages of it’s size.
they are parasites on the public purse - how much do people think it costs to keep a full-time member of the gardai there, a headmaster, and a teacher or two, not to mention secretaries for the school for a handful of children, a fully paid post mistress/master, a postman - the marginal cost of delivering a letter to each and every house in the parish relative to an appartment block, the cost of delivering electricity to each and every house(maintenance costs & heat lost in the cables), the cost of telephony (maintenance costs), probably even had a full-time doctor with his salary subsized by the state, likewise probably had a bank, where staffing costs alone cost more than the PROFIT the branch brings in.
Such villages are the cause of Ireland being such an expensive country in which to operate, because certain services have to SUBSIDIZE services in less populated areas.
Efficiency is what an island on the far west outpost of the EU needs to have. Yes I might sound liks an ignorant boll0cks, but I’m from a village and I recognize their unsustainability. When most people didn’t have a car, they could survive on the basis that it was too difficult to get form one place to another, but those times have changed, and we must get to grips with this, and forceably move people from these places or charge them a higher costs(tax rate) for all services - the same way their local grocer does!
so we could have a system like in the US where you have state and local taxes! it would be a bitter pill to swallow, but as we saw with the development levies by councils, it eventually becomes acceptable when people understand the logic!

There is only one angle

We are utterly dependent on oil.

The best case scenario is that peak oil ie when demand outstrips supply is 2035

The most likely scenario is that we’re already there.

When demand does outstrip supply many Exporting countries stop exporting and start hoarding. Economies which are highly dependent on oil go tits up (iRLANDA ANYONE).

The oil which is yet to be discovered is likely to have a much lower rate of Energy Returned On Energy Invested

Thw question is can we find some energy source to replace oil in time

answer… not likely… Kruggerands, beans an’ a shotgun boys…

Yes you do.

Sorry to be pedantic, but strictly speaking Peak Oil is when total production peaks, thereafter total production will start to decline. 2035 is the most optimistic projection for when this happens.

I stand corrected

but is my date correct ?

I am not arguing with the fact we are overly dependant on the stuff, all Im pointing out is that most producers are far more dependant on the sale of it. If these countries stop exporting then their economies collapse.

In terms of finding alternatives, there are plenty.
If we replaced oil burning power stations with nuclear, as well as shifting all car engines from petrol to diesel, our dependance would diminish rapidly.

To me, the paradigm shift will occur when one bright spark (no pun intended) finds a way of recharging batteries in a matter of seconds or minutes, not hours. A discovery I do not believe is too far away.

Thereabouts, I think the USGS estimate for Peak Oil is 2040.

Er, aren’t you both arguing the same point?

There isn’t going to be enough oil therefore we should abandon the unsustainable villages and concentrate population to centres that can be sustained.

Indeed… … 10908.html

We will never run out of oil in any real sense. Peak oil theory is very short on economics and hence has popular appeal, but is badly flawed.

I put it up there with other “pop” theories that are wrong like introducing/increasing a minimum wage increases incomes.

Take it from a chemical engineer who knows something about the life cycle of an oilfield. Saudi fields are starting to splutter. Yields are increasing incrementally thanks to new technology but unless we come up with something very fast, we’re going to be scraping barrels sometime this century.

It’s funny that many ME countries have never changed their ‘proven reserves’ figures. Makes them very dubious.

What if Iran is serious about wanting to use nuclear for power generation because their oil and gas reserves are hugely overstated?