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As if you did not have enough depressing things to look at, I just received the following email.
Finance Dublin has launched a continuously updated “Debt Clock” on its website, which measures the rate at which the Republic of Ireland’s national debt is currently escalating.

The data for the Finance Dublin Irish Government’s Debt Clock was set at midnight on June 30th 2009. The Clock updates the latest figure for the National Debt of Ireland, published by the Central Statistics Office with Department of Finance monthly revenue and expenditure projections for 2009, published after the 2009 Supplementary Budget.

see it here:

This is depressing indeed. :open_mouth:
Well found though.

Roughly a grand a second

since when were we at Eur 64 bn?

One of the users has been working on their own debt clock… will keep yes posted. Tis still Beta :slight_smile:

76 big ones and counting, perhaps someone should send Mary a link as she seemed to think on her hardTalk interview that the gubermint has made the tough decisions to address it. Interesting to note that Ireland has never reduced it’s debt in real terms, wonder where the growth is going to come from to support real debt of more than 100 big ones?? Answers on a postcard to nobody.

How about a clock to count down till the end of socalism and big spending governments

Please tell me I’m getting this wrong:

€1000/s x 60s x 60min x 24 hrs = 86,400,000/1,800,000 workers = 48,000 grand additional debt per worker per day.

you did the calculation wrong. It works out about 48 Euro per worker per day.

Well done !


The original thread you can continue to post there…

Good Idea, I’m gonna add that and the following to the first post on this thread: