The Dept of Social Protection thread

We tend to post DSP items randomly so thought it best to have its own thread. To start the ball rolling…

An Post named as Preferred Bidder for Department of Social Protection cash services contract … 60613.aspx

This was never in doubt. No other company had the network to provide such a service. Not sure if anyone else even made a bid

Maybe not companies, but couldn’t the Vintners Federation of Ireland have taken a tilt at it?
Except for their recent drop in manpower, the Roman Catholic Church could also have had a go.

Think of the carbon footprint savings.

Jobs plan will reward employers
Government claims new scheme will create 2,500 jobs over next three years … -1.1457078

JobsPlus no silver bullet but part of bigger strategy
If an employer offers a full-time job to a person who has been on the dole for two years he or she will receive €10,000 … -1.1457112

I’m all for an post providing this, it serves a dual purpose in keeping smaller post offices open.

However, I wish they’d keep a dedicated queue (like the bureau de change queue in a bank) for people who are, you know, posting stuff.

Agreed. Or why taken someone recently unemployed (under 6 months) with the same skills? Of course, they will still be equal opportunity employers…

Dept of Social Protection staff, inc. Sec gen, are in front of PAC right now for anyone interested

Committee Room 1

Pathways to Work update shows Government on track to get 75,000 long-term unemployed people back to work by end-2015 … 00414.aspx

How do they know this 46,000 cohort of long term unemployed (over 1 year) are now all employed?

Is it a case they are simply out of the welfare system, meaning
a) do those who are now in a work activation scheme such as FÁS count in this 46K figure, and
b) those who emigrated, do they also count?

Minister Burton publishes the Social Welfare and Pensions Bill 2014

Press Release … 00514.aspx

Bill … l-2014.pdf

I am baffled by

So I get a big promotion, etc the day after I apply and can keep my FIS for 12 months!

100,000 people have dole cut in overpayment clampdown … 23491.html

An Post to compete for welfare deal worth €57m … 48391.html

I really don’t get this article. An Post already won the contract last June. It’s not due for renewal for at least 1 year, possibly 5.

Close relative who hs been on the scratcher for a couple of months has been called to a reactivation session tomorrow.

that is normally the low hanging fruit as they tend to be easier to get back in the workforce IIRC … ouseholds/

Nearly 25% of Irish households are ‘jobless’

Word of caution: These appear to be 2010 figures, so next to useless

I was listening to the Author on Morning Ireland this morning. The presenter asked her if there could be a quirk in the reporting methods that made Ireland look worse than others, say how households were defined differed from nation to nation and she said no that it was a European Study so used the same criteria in all nations. Then later she mentioned that it was a meta-study. Is a meta-study not a study of studies? How likely is it that reporting criteria would be the same in all Studies, even if they were EU ones?

It’s probably based on SILC (Survey of Income and Living Conditions, I think), which IIRC uses a similar methodology across countries, so my guess is it’s comparable.

The Society of St Vincent de Paul has called on the Government to increase social welfare payments by at least 3.25%. … t-de-paul/

Based on the 20bn annual spend, this would add 650m onto the bill…

Oh I dunno tells me reduce the duty on alcohol, fags and the higher VAT rate and we get the same affect surely. Don’t know what the percentage would need to be but you get the point maybe sub 1% on some of those sectors to make that same saving, to boot you please all of the electorate. I’m looking forward to a give-away budget, which in truth is really a “give back”.

Surely it is better to reduce the requirement to borrow more money and pay interest. Surely?

Also of that 20Bn something circa 6-8 Billion is for social welfare payments the rest is pension and lots of other stuff. It’s not all dole!

We had a great piechart breakdown from 2009 or 2010, anything for 2013? … -2012.aspx

See Annual Statistical Information on Social Welfare Services 2012.

2013 edition should be out any day now I reckon

So the dole is now called or more classed, “working age income supports” these days. :neutral_face:

Thanks for the link. I’ve already found a mistake in a pie chart. Not a great report layout, I hope they didn’t hire a desing house to give it the once over… :imp:

Previous pie graphs much superior, this report* is a bit simple*, to carry on the fashion for euphemisms.

Pg 22 is of interest.

Pension +3.1
Dole -3.1

Deck-chairs? :astonished:

W/Age Employment supports have risen higest but how do we know this hasn’t been some magic accounting transfer from Supplementary Payments, which are sizable 1+Bn expenditure. Don’t know what they are right now.

It could be accounted for and I am guessing here, job hours creation and job hour destruciton, new positions and possible administrative changes/re-classification eupho’s or are Quality jobs fraying at the edges?

How many deck-chairs can you spot?