The EA's have found a greater fool

Imaginary meeting between developer and estate agent

Developer: What to do, what to do? I’ve got a load of apartments on the N11 to shift and the bank manager is giving me grief, I need cashflow.

EA: Now that stamp duty is removed the FTB’s are no longer interested in overpriced shoeboxes (oops meant starter homes)

**Developer: ** Who can we flog these things to? I know, What about Canny McSavvy, the BTL investor?

**EA: **Their capital is already tied up in section 23, and they are trying to flog their investments in [insert midlands county] with no takers.

**Developer: **Is there no-one? what about immigrants? Kenny boy says they are buying?

EA: They’ve bought apartments in their native countries and laugh in our faces when we tell them the asking prices.

Developer: There must be someone, surely?

{long silence}

EA: What about students, they all drive cars these days, have mobile phones, aspirations to get on the ladder?

Developer: Don’t be daft, students don’t have money, and don’t universities have on campus accommodation?

EA: Ah, but their parents do…and the culchies will be only too willing to part with their money to be part of the Dublin 4 set, plus we’ll be able to use the old classics like property only ever goes up…you only want the best for Robopaddy jnr., why not get him started on the ladder now. Rent is dead money, why not invest? after all there will always be students willing to rent your apartment?

Developer: Grand so.

EA: I’m on it, typing up the press release for the newspapers as we speak.

This is simply f**king unreal! It’s so ridiculous that I haven’t even got the energy to comment further…

First Hooke Mcdonald and now DNG, trying to sell to the poor student and /or parents of. Real herd mentality not an original thought between them. It’s like this idea was suggested at IAVI meeting and they all pounced on it as a life line! :unamused:

This really is crazy, I thought it was just The Grange pushing this angle, now its their main selling tactic? Who else do they have to sell to?

Travellers? “Trade in your mobile home as a deposit on a flat that is roughly the same size”

Companies? “Why pay expensive hotel bills for visiting staff when you can put them up in the company house!” Loses are tax deductable(?)!

Long distance truck drivers? “Buy a second house in Athlone, you are never far from your bed so!”

When they need to go down to this level of segmentation they are really showing their desperation!

Recently deceased? Say goodbye to those graveyard blues, get an apartment in up and coming Monasterevin and decompose in style.

“” Why not buy a property and watch it grow in value and pay back the mortgage with people renting from you," he says".

Maybe because we’re currently watching property drop in value and know what we see? :laughing:

At this stage even the dogs on the streets know property prices are falling.

People acted like sheep on the way up and all piled in laughing at anyone who didnt.
They’re now standing on the sidelines watching prices drop and laughing at anyone who mentions buying,no one wants to be laughed at.
Once a sheep always a sheep.

They really are getting desperate

Glenkerrin’s next development?


What a crock…
Since when do students need to rent in the poshest area of the city? search:
Type: Any,
Location: Sandymount,
Min Bedrooms: 4,
Max Price: 500,000

Result: There are currently no properties available in this area that match your search criteria

Talk about picking and choosing your stats. The only 4 bed houses available on daft for under 500,000 k are in “Up and coming” D12, D24 and some other places which have makey-uppey names so im guessing they are tallaght. Most are council/ex council estates.

Lets see what it costs to rent one…

A 4 Bed in Cloister Ave, Blackrock: 2300pm

A delightful detached 4 Bed on Brighton Rd, Foxrock: 2300pm

Pushing the budget at **2700pm **a 4 bed in Ballsbridge is described as a Delightful 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom family home in a exclusive, quiet gated development in Ballsbridge. …



more like lemmings and jackals if you ask me…