The Economic Impact of Covid 19


Considering the money blown by this government every day of the week on spurious activities, it is indeed an embarrassment that an institution that benefits quality of life for many resorts to the begging bowl to raise half a million a month.

No doubt some will believe it should shut down, but when we look at quality of life and economics in the round this is the sort of thing that we should have a problem with IMO.


The elephants should pay their own way! Turn them into taxis or give rides to tourists for money. Surely the monkeys could get a job in the civil service?!


Don’t you mean in the Dáil!

oh wait, the chimpanzees are already there


Joint provisional liquidators have been appointed by the High Court to four Irish operating companies that are part of the UK fashion group Arcadia.

There are 487 people employed in 14 stores in Ireland by the companies that include Topshop/Topman Ireland.

The firms also operate concession stands in a number of different premises.

It is hoped the Irish operations can be sold as part of an overall sale of the Arcadia Group, the court heard.

The intention is that the Irish stores are to continue trading through Christmas under the provisional liquidators, in an effort to maximise the value of the stock.