The Economic Impact of Covid 19


I know a few and they are honestly doing next to fuck all. Revenue is a joke at the moment (20-25 working days to get a reply from myenquiries as a taxation agent, no phone calls except employers helpline), CRO unbelievably still insisting on physically signed documents.



… well, I’m really… how much?



It says a lot about the Covid era that there is no consensus on whether Sweden has done a good job or not.

Tegnell himself is stuck in the loop that they could have done more to improve the outcomes in Care Homes and then they’d be an unqualified success.


MacSharry is mostly correct, although unwise to verbalise it in such a way, as he is inviting a pile on of indignation from the usual quarters.

When the lockdown came, I heard of one government agency where 40% of the staff put the foot down and said they didn’t have the correct home office set up to facilitate WFH. So they were allowed spend weeks and months on the sofa and getting paid for it.


One upside of covid


A lot of people have not been adversely affected financially by the COVID induced slowdown.

The pandemic restrictions meant some households, that weren’t impacted by loss of income during the pandemic, put money aside that they would ordinarily have spent in the wider economy.
Deposits continued to grow in June, but at a slower pace than the previous two months.
Launching the July stimulus package last week, the Taoiseach and Tánaiste said there was a significant amount of money in the economy that people had saved throughout the pandemic shutdown.
The stimulus measures were designed to release some of those pent up savings, they said.

So saving for a rainy day is considered a bad idea, I’m sure that many of those who have made huge savings had large childminding & commuting costs, rather than pleasure consumerism.


Another bad news feature about city centre retail. Again, interviewees hopeful that city centre office workers (read civil servants and tech workers) get back to work soon.

I was in Dublin city centre during the week for the first time in quite some time. Tried on a piece of clothing in one shop amd was immediately approached by a security guard who told me that was not permitted. Hard to see where retail goes from there over the longer term.

Plenty of pubs and restaurants boarded up. Empty feel on many of the streets. I wouldnt be rushing back.



Handy if you are on the run or engaged in crimes anywhere in the world, suddenly makes that global mass sucielnce a bit harder - meanwhile if anyone updated tracking OS + tracking app installed during the frenzy to comply, it’s kind of the same difference.


Welcome to occupied Ireland.