The Economic Impact of Covid 19


Measured how, by random serological studies for antibodies? I think it has been accepted that there are people with innate immunity and many people who were asymptomatic will not have antibodies. I’d bet if the Irish serological study was repeated even with a larger sample it would show a lower incidence given the elapsed time. Sadly testing for T-Cells is an order of magnitude slower and expensive.

The Swedish case figures and economic performance speak for themselves:


What you are saying is sero pravelence data is unreliable and we should rely on data (t cell) for which we cant even test. Id put that in the wishful thinking bracket compared to the doublespeak from Leo. In relation to sweden, i think they have managed the balance between managing the economy and limiting covid.


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The number of apartments for rent, or listing inventory, more than doubled over last year and set a record for the 14 years since data started being collected, according to a report from Douglas Elliman and Miller Samuel. As the number of apartments listed for rent hit 13,117, the number of new leases signed fell by 23%.

July also saw the largest fall in rental rates in nearly a decade, dropping 10%. Landlords are now offering an average of 1.7 months of free rent to try to lure tenants, according to the report, which is also a recent high.


I agree - that comment was total horseshit. Mumbo jumbo Trump-speak dressed up in intelligent clothes.


Wealth redistribution Marrakesh style.


An Taoiseach coming from the erroneous understanding that DP inmates are already citizens. He should of course have said “…residents will be treated the same as citizens in terms of…”


At what point will there be no economy to impact?

Answers on a postcard to…



Freudian slip


Traversed Dublin city yesterday. South to North and back. Walked around city centre from Grafton Street around by Suffolk Street and down onto Bank of Ireland College Green taxi rank.

A few people here and there but very little open. Numerous retail outlets closed. Those that are open very few people inside. Taxi driver said he had chosen to get up early and do a shift starting at 7am one weekday last week. He got his first fare at 1pm.

Whats the end game here? Stay behind closed doors until a vaccine turns up in a year or two? We must surely be quickly approaching the point where those in charge decide that the cure is becoming worse than the ailment? Surely the current course is not viable for much longer in base political terms?


I say kill everyone over 65 just to be sure!


They may very quickly find themselves in charge of nothing.


Interesting perspective. My work takes me into the city centre quite frequently, now my workplace is open again (albeit on a limited basis) and I’d say it’s pretty busy, not as unpleasantly packed as pre-pandemic, but still close to the upper end of comfortable, so that I’m still having to spend quite a lot of time dodging around people who are either dawdling or on a random walk in awkward groups and more or less every shop was open. What time of day were you there? I’d normally see it around lunchtime to mid afternoon.

As far as the urban environment goes, the lockdown was lovely while it lasted, but I’m resigned to being hemmed in by mobs again. :frowning: :wink:


Overall the numbers continue to confound

Almost 28,000 lose eligibility for pandemic unemployment payment

Number claiming PUP falls to 232,400, down 61% from peak of 598,000 in early May

About 28,000 people in receipt of the Pandemic Unemployment Payment will receive no benefit from tomorrow, after failing to confirm their continued eligibility for the scheme, the Department of Social Protection has said.

The number of people claiming the payment fell to 232,400 this week, a decrease of 61 per cent from the peak of 598,000 in early May. The scheme, which provides €350 per week for most recipients, was introduced in March to aid those who lost their jobs as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In recent weeks, the department had contacted around 390,000 PUP claimants asking them to confirm their continuing eligibility for the payment.

At the beginning of last week, about 29,000 had not confirmed their continued eligibility “despite having received personal notifications on four separate occasions” up to August 9th, the department said.

By Friday, August 14th, about 1,000 confirmed their eligibility for the PUP, and they will continue to receive their payment.



Release the hounds virus!


Around 1pm yesterday (Monday).

It was grey and a bit wet but still very very quiet.


UK government trying to close pandoras box!

One quick look at the over 4000 comments posted at the end of the story, shows an almost 100% of readers are in favour of the WFH future. I’ve looked through and am having difficulty in finding a single comment in favour of returning to the “old ways” that is not heavily down voted by the vast majority.

I suspect that many of those against WFH are the middle management types who can’t stand not having that power over all their minions.


Tories want people back in the offices for the rentier class. i. e. Themselves and their rent seeking backers and voters.