The Economic Impact of Covid 19


If something doesn’t happen or give soon, the wider hospitality industry and all in the supply chain/ service chain to it are goosed for years.



Hopefully, it will reopen when the COVID fiasco has passed.


The brutal truth. Why would they be concerned by the fallout of the lockdowns. Livelihoods lost, the nations’ overall health eroded and society transformed but big picture it’s a mere blip in tax receipts for them.


I find it astonishing how little impact the rise in unemployment has had on income tax receipts - it just shows how much of the burden is being taken by the squeezed middle. Those who spend their time dialing into Joe Duffy to have a whinge should pipe down.


Probably something to do with the level of the Corporate Tax take.

Ireland appears to be little more than a tax haven, run by a State apparatus, for and on behalf of foreign Corporates.

The rest of us appear to be little more than interlopers.


Don’t forget that people with Iron rice bowls do pretty well too


I feel really sorry for our local undertaker. He has never been as quiet.


Things will pick up for him this winter, unfortunately.


Probably explained by the fact that the biggest impact in terms of job losses is on lower paid jobs, which do not at all or very little contribute to income taxes.
Remember, about 750K of workers do not pay any income tax.


Same in our village - Death Nell hasn’t had a customer for months, but refuses to let staff go - does she know something we don’t?



McConkey being the prime example wit €5 million in funding last week.


Corporate tax is not the same as income tax.


Anyway, NPHET looking to move to level 5 and finish the country off once and for all. Surprised how little reaction to this on the Pin. Cant see cabinet rubber stamping this one. Something strange going on though, last Thurs Nphet said they wouldn’t be recommending moving country to level 3, and a few days later Holohan decides to return and first day back calls a Nphet meeting and attempts to shut country down with a level 5. What happened in those 3 or 4 days?


My Guess, Holohan secretly thinks ‘zero-covid’ is achievable and Glynn doesn’t. The big elephant in the room is the game plan of ‘until we get a vaccine’

We might never get a vaccine, that is a real possibility.


We need to live with COVID until there is a cure. Level 5 will only drop the rate quicker. Level 3 by county is only way to go, while keeping businesses open and alive


Yea zero covid is the only way moving now to level 5 would make some sense, but goes against government strategy of living with covid. And zero covid does require a vaccine so its delay and pray really. it took so long to lift the restricitons back in the summer, impossible to see how if we move to level 5 we come back out of it.

Last European country to come out of lockdown (and never fully came out of it) and first European country to go back into lockdown (or to consider it, lets see later).


McConkey was on this morning talking about level 6 to 10!!!
He still does realise there is a border (zero-COVID advocate) and still doesn’t realise the main source of transmission will still occur with any sanction in homes even if there is level 100 ( that’s when they suggest you live in isolation tent feeding on cold batchlors beans and crapping in bucket).


We are really missing satire these days. Badly need to get it back in these humourless times.

McConkey explains the importance of going to 11.

Like the Amp in Spinal Tap. You couldn’t make this up at this stage.