The economy has turned a corner, experts say

Headline for tomorrows sindo, caught it on VB tonight.

Photo of the floppy haired one just underneath it, unbelievable.

What happened to the other four days of the week? I’m going to have to work three times as hard now. :wink:

The Standard & Poor’s credit rating agency, which has consistently given Ireland negative economic outlooks, provided a distinctly upbeat assessment of our prospects yesterday.

Its chief economist, David Beers, made the comments in Washington. He said concerns about fiscal and political risks to the country were exaggerated. And he forecast that the economy would recover faster than other peripheral European countries. … 76296.html

What a load of shite. Man says “you’re not falling as fast as some others”. Indo hears “we’re flying!”.

When I read that title I just had a vision of walking down a brightly lit street and turning into a dark alley to meet Roman Abramovich with a lead pipe backed up by a bunch of braying kids in pringle jumpers making chimp noises.

And … a ratings agency - we take them seriously don’t we?, they wouldn’t have anything to with this would they?. Next they’ll be telling us that Patrick Neary thinks the economy is in fine shape.

Their editorial is hilarious: … 76234.html

See, silly! it’s all about confidence!

All we need is a bit more confidence and we’ll be grand! Back on easy street!


Eh, someone should tell the Indo that Unicredit isn’t a rating agency.

Mr. Beers comments are the usual wishy-washy encouraging stuff that we’ve had for the last ten years. Flexible, open, willing to take tough decisions… I don’t see much evidence of it from the inside…

I don’t suppose the floppy haired one will be too impressed by the way they have apparently linked his image to this story (to the casual observer at least) when his column today says Debt forgiveness is our only chance of recovery :unamused:

I’m getting dizzy from all this corner turning.

+1 How many corners does that make?

Four 90 degree left ones! :-GC

Listen we all went mad for de property and we are where we are, there’s no point going forward looking backwards… :stuck_out_tongue:

there are signs of recovery ; traffic jams are mental again. IT consulting is very busy.

now, if we could only get rid of that debt millstone and start up the building industry again.

PS - the first sentences are true. The last is meant in jest ( for those with broken irony meters )


After all this time, and after all the reams of cretinous bullshit that have been written in the last 10 years, in mid October 2010 we still have room for a contender for the most cretinous of them all. If your child put her hand on the hob and got burned, would you turn around to her and say, “Never mind what caused the pain, here’s a ridiculously expensive bandage…see you back in the kitchen tomorrow sweatheart!”.

This country deserves everything it gets, and is continuing to get. Sorry - cunts.

Interesting that this didn’t make the headline today

and … 09923.html

Link posted by What Goes Up over on the currency war thread, just thought it apt for here.