The Emigration Thread (2006)


Does anyone see a return to 1980s like rates of emigration?

Where will we emigrate to ? America will enter their next recession about the same time as us.

This is one of my pet hobby horses.

I think there is already a stealthy emigration at foot in my generation which in the hubbub and froth of the bubble people have been missing out on…

Maybe it’s at a certain level but most people I know are leaving for at least a period of time, some indefinitely…

I know 2 guys who have gone to China to teach, everybody knows lots of kids who go down under for a year, 2 years… The states is still popular, New Zealand, Canada and it’s not all just kids…

I’ve many friends in the UK and feck all mates left back home from the old days as it were…

It’s quite scary, it’s been like a silent temporary emigration because the prospects in this country aren’t good despite what our wonderful economic commentators have been telling us… I’ve had friends who’ve chucked in jobs in the Civil Service, Banks, etc., and shunted off to Canada saying we’ll be back when Ireland is actually worth living there.

And hell, I’m on a toss of the coin myself at the minute between staying here and moving to NZ or Canada.

One thing is for certain the Irish are hard wired for foot-looseness. So if things do get a bit iffy we will see many people dusting down their Daddies old suitcase and taking the metaphorical Mail Boat to Holyhead.

Sure, d’ya remember that statistic floated a while back about the number of active Irish passports… Something in the region of 10 million+!

Going abroad aint the same as it used to be. Much harder now. Except to Europe - of course the language barriers.

But could it be as bad as the 80s? What about all this infrastrusture that needs to be built! its never going to replace the building boom but will it take the sting out of it

what about our low level of national debt (not private debt lol)

good point …but does the infrastructure spending depend to an extent on future tax receipts, which a slowdown in the property market would put under pressure?

Ah yes tax receipts!! They will need to BORROW BORROW BORROW! Being in a good position national debt wise they could do that!

Spending on infastructure would want to be serious if its expected to be a parachute

I once saw a documentary on discovery where the americans had this road laying truck thing. It could lay two or three lanes including hard shoulders at around 5 miles an hour - they cant feed it with material as fast as it lays road
Once the roads are dug out these things would lay it fairly quickly -

Therefore I conclude - we must be build our roads uneconomically/labour intensively to help with job losses etc etc

The famous Irish solution to an Irish problem!!!

But why would we do that when the state can get the turks in to build roads at half the cost, the glory of the globalised economy! :smiling_imp:

I am just back from The Canaries. I have decided I am going to try and get out of this country within the next 2 years. Rent for the first year and if I can settle over there then sell my property here and buy over there. Or else rent here to cover the rent over there long term.

Wow thats some turn around!

Woudl you not look at other palces too, like Argentina since you seem to like the sun and maybe down under, see were your dollar will stretch.

You’re obvioulsy cashing in now then eh?

Direct flights from Dublin, Cork & Shannon to the Canaries. 3.5hrs to the sun and beach, Argentia is too far and too messy.

I wouldn’t invest in property, its too illiquid. I trade the currency markets, 1000 times more liquid than property and much more direct. This second I can buy EUR/USD for 1.28260 and sell for 1.28245, I can do it in the click of a button, while moving a house could take years and cost a fortune in commission, fees etc.

All markets are related IMO, that why I keep an eye on property.

Of course I can bring my investments anywhere in the world once I can access the internet.

having sold my house :frowning: my beloved PPR! and at the advanced planning stages of leaving the country I realise that I really do love this country and dont really want to go !!!

In the past few months I have been doing things like climbing Carrauntoohil, Croagh Patrick, Hiked the Slieve Bloom hills (with my doggy! I am an outdoors person if you havent guessed) And I have fallen even more in love with the countryside! Especially now that where I rent is pretty sweet very near a city yet beside mountains and forests! While before my previous job had me commuting to Dublin from 74 miles away (shift work dodged the traffic)

so much mixed emotion right now !

It will pass. Believe me. Carrauntoohil, Croagh Patrick are not going away and will be here when you get back. Where are you off to?

Western Australia, thats the plan so far but may even end up in Brisbane or even Palmerston North in New Zealand (job offers). Going to apply for green card lottery too - just to have another option if I get it. Better to have as many options open as possible.
homesick and I havent even left Yet!!! And because of it I have been tinkering with going back to college here and watching how things pan out

Going on a recon down under soon

Ah the joys of freedom, reminds me of being on the scratch for a year or two their are highlights you just don’t want to miss… enjoy it and it might just last!

Ireland as an economy is not pretty, but the physical earth beneath us is amazing!

Was in Rosses Point in Sligo there for the weekend, great stuff despite the wind and rain! :smiley:

Me too!!! :laughing:

Hey Duplex love how you managed to slip in the topic of “property prices drops” but not in Ireland thus negate the MOD police hilarious…

So international price drops are fair game on Irelands premier money resource forum… but irish price drops are banned…hmmmm… :unamused:

Have the Catholic church got super-censoring-cyber-agents working round the clock as we speak?

That reminds me of something I read recently from David McWilliams which says this is already commonplace, and I can’t help but agree. Anybody in the area would remember how long the White’s Cross road widening took on the Stillorgan Road - roughly four years for about half a mile or so.