The Emigration Thread (2006)

Hello all!

Hey I am TOTALLY passed a brief bit of preempted homesickness LOL

Cant wait to get going now.
Was in Tenerife the other day - man the weather - we are NOT LIVING in this country! I love the outdoors and a winter like ours ruins it - granted its mild but if I go out hillwalking I only have a brief few hours before its dark again!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh in Tenerife I spotted an UNGODLY amount of Real Estate agents (on everycorner) I took photos of one which advertised 100% mortgages on A BIG SIGN beside more ads on another BIG SIGN with apartments listed as “price reduced” “quick sale” hehehehe
will post them when i get my laptop sorted (it has my online photobucket account)

Hey on that note has anyone seen or found online (i cant find em) the machines the US uses to build roads - the ones that were on the discovery channel.
Basically tarred a motorway (once the foundation was dug and placed) at like four or five miles an hour. Basically roadbuilding should be EASY.

What if Finfacts are correct and we lose 100,000 jobs in construction and all theses people stay here to claim the dole and social housing - what kind of unemployment % would we have then

Instead of the current 4%, we’d have 5%. But in all likelihood, the consequent reductions in other industries (services, etc.) would take us to at least 8% unemployment.

Indeed with all the social tourists and people looking for affordable houses, the dole etc. etc. the government will have to raise taxes and reduce stuff like mortgage interest relief and the collapse will snowball.

Remember that to keep the train on track the economy needs to turn 100K houses per year.

I don’t know why anyone would move from Ireland at this stage. Realistically, there are only a few places where we can do better for ourselves. The UK is one place (in particular, London) and Australia is the other. The USA is pretty much closed to most people now, work in mainland Europe is not at all easy to get, likewise for Canada. Inflation is rampant in Ireland but it can be avoided. For example, I rent a one-bedroomed apartment with my girlfriend, neither of us drive, only one holiday a year, live fairly frugally, no loans, nothing bought on credit, etc. At the rate we’re saving, I’d say we’ll be able to buy a nice house outright in about ten years time. Despite that, we enjoy a pretty decent quality of life. 20 minutes commute time, a couple of nights out a week, close to family, etc. We both earn about the industrial average.

I wouldn’t willingly trade the life I’ve got at the moment for anything.

I don’t think it’s particularly that tough to get jobs in Canada compared to anywhere else.

Certainly, quality of life wise and immigration restrictions etc., I have to say Canada and New Zealand would be possibilities for me… If my spanish was better maybe Argentina but then again I’m a great fan of Eastern Europe… :smiley:

But I’m in Ireland for the minute and despite all it’s drawbacks, it’s worth it on some levels… Just like anywhere! :wink:

You sound sensible enough! Fair play to you - its different strokes for different folks too though - there are many many reasons pro moving for me. The pros would not be a pro for everyone but no doubt for some people!

I’m curious why nobody thinks of moving to the accession states.

It’s like those Germans who moved here in the 1980s. Their Deutschmark savings went very far in recession Ireland.

Basically they could live without working, just selling stuff like organic goat’s cheese for pocket money. It was a hobby to keep from getting bored.

Polski is interesting to me. If I save for a little while, I could buy a house outright. Their summers are great. Their health service is superb, the people are stunning looking. Just walking through town makes your heart soar to see such Slavic beauty.

My hobby cum pocket-money source would be English teaching and who knows, b’fhéidir go mbeadh suim ag duine no dhó Gaelainn a fhoghlaim.

It’s an option, for sure.

Those Germans who came to Ireland tended to know some English. How’s your Polish?

Although I know people who’ve lived happily in Poland without the language, I agree it’s better to know the local tongue. My Polski is execrable right now. The point is, I can learn. All the English-speaking countries have as bad bubble-based economies or worse, than Ireland does.

The work of having to listen to a few linguaphone tapes every week will be more than compensated for by not needing to have a 9 to 5 weekly grind.

You folks are willing to pay a seemingly massive price to live somewhere where they speak English.

Irish Independent

I have a link!! For once! … 62343.html

I knew this would happen I even said it to my ex, I predicted all this crap. I get the feeling that by the time I finish college it could be damn near a closed shop. Totally lost the initiative!! Hey any nice ladies out there who fit the Oz skills shortage list who would do a joint application , I`ll pay for the flights and your visa!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
PM ME!! 8) One of my friends even suggested doing something like that as an ad on the paper!!! :exclamation: :question:

I noticed the skills shortage list for New Zealand get shorter and shorter over the past 2 years. Oz will be the same.

Well taking a moment out from: “Would you flee with blindjustice to ozland”, let’s have a word or two on emigration proper.

From our very own 'pin, we have murrayo and his missus departing, cancan’s brother albeit seemingly until all this rubbish dies down. I’m sure there are many more.

This is interesting on two levels.

I’ve always been of the thesis that there was a silent wave of emigration that people missed in this country, people of my age 26-33 say, well I don’t know about you but alot of my mates are out of the country.

In the States, in Australia, Germany, China, Japan, New Zealand… You name it, they are there, Canada of course.

Now and what happens when, and no offence here intended murrayo, the generation above my generation who did well and made out like divils also leave for a period or indefinitely.

I’m not sure of the implications of all this but it can hardly make for stable society.

4 more weeks and I am out of here for 2 years in Oz myself, then onto Nz for a year before hitting Canada for a year…after that I think i should be accuratley able to measure Ireland against most of the viable alternatives for long term settling…at this stage my money is on Canada…either way, ill leave the madness of this place behind but will be keeping an eye here for weekly progrees/descent…

D’ya think Canada and NZ will be that footloose and fancy free immigration wise in 2 and 3 years time? :open_mouth:

Not for permanent but the 1 year NZ and Canada should still be available for the under 31’s…The Canadian permanent process takes roughly 4 years from here, less from other countries, but the I cant see any break down in the temp visas over the short term…either way i will worry about that in 2010 after a few years in OZ…

I saw the figures bandied about in one of the newspapers of 30,000 per year head to Ozland/NZ thats a fair % of a generation.

would it or would it not be a moral dilemma if the govt or opposition found themselves in opposition and proceeded to bail out the people who borrowed too much or the developers or the banks?

To those who behaved themselves these past few years, and have the option to leave, what are your views??