The Emigration Thread.


Pretty diabolical as always but it’s what Peter Sutherland wants according to this report.


Not that I’m gloating or anything but…Permanent Residency!

So no matter what happens, being a Nordie and born with two passports, I have Ireland, UK, all the EU, New Zealand and probably Oz as my playgrounds. Another three years to Kiwi citizenship but they can’t get rid of me now :slight_smile: Onwards and fncking upwards :slight_smile:


Can you still pronounce beer and egg properly?


Come the day, this will cost you a fortune in passport renewals. :open_mouth:


€89.50 with passport express :open_mouth: this week,


Well, I’ve been told that everyone needs to have a goal in life, so I’ve decided mine will be to collect passports. I’d kinda like to get 5 altogether. :nin


What do you miss about Ireland?


For those considering returning – or leaving in the first place – here’s an interesting piece on the joys of dealing with Irish bureaucracy as a returned emigrant. If you’re over two years out of the country, forget about the welcome home mat. Just institutional suspicion that you might be trying to get something for nothing. The onus of proof is on returning emigrants to prove they’re back for good. Doesn’t matter if they’re Irish citizens or not it seems… … e-it/32430


On that note I do feel sorry that my Aussie colleagues who can’t easily access as great a job market as EU passport holders. Some of them have been scrambling to find if their European grannies still have their passports etc…
I am envious though, I’d rather have spent the last three years in NZ than Western Australia! I miss mountains!


Saw that, very poorly written and a poor understanding of the system. For example, Laya Healthcare has nothing to do with the taxpayer and the restriction on cover by all insurers is to do with making sure people don’t just take up cover after they’re diagnosed. She has not been paying into an Irish insurer, so why should they pay out for her?

I can understand the frustration, but doing 10 mins of research would have helped that woman a lot more than doing all that bitching.


Ummmmm…the bacon? Kiwi bacon is pretty bad.


Are you not bringing it home then?


#893 … _xpvfldWHc

Net migration in the year to April 2014 was -21k, down from -33k in the year to April 2013, population in April 14 is 4.61m, up from 4.593 in April 13


From that link:

So the old story repeats itself, basically anybody Irish with a bit of get-up-and-go, a job and an education…is getting up and going. And it seems when they leave their vacant job is filled by (presumably cheaper/badly paid) immigrants, leaving Ireland with a rapidly-becoming-unemployable massive pool of locals who have been out of work for years.

Surely there must be a tipping point where this crazy situation collapses?

Can the nation actually survive many more of these bouts of bleeding?


I think its different this time in that many will return once things pick up a bit.


That’s actually not different. A good cohort came back in the late 1990s as well. I know because I was one of them.


More Immigration than Emigration…

Immigration to become slightly easier with Revamped Work Permits



No need to stop the endless fragmentation of the now. Ramp it up ramp it baby!


a desperate need for healthcare professionals, geez wasnt as if no one wanted to study to work in that industry.


If your minds creed believes bipolarity to be an ultimate truth then you get economic schizophrenia.