The Emigration Thread.


After 11 years in Ireland, all set for us, we are emigrating in January 2015. Honestly, sick and tired of all this carry on. At the moment we are planning to stay away for three years, then look what is happening here around 2018, or may be we will never look back…


Best of luck. I hope it works out for you. Where are you heading?


Thanks. Heading east…
Very stressful but exciting at the same time.


Are you in a “witness protection program”?


The Isle of Man isn’t that far from Dublin you know.

All the best though.


Childhood friends of mine returned for their father’s funeral from Australia last week and hadn’t been back in many many years.
No doubt Paschal will be using this to claim that Tourism is booming. … r-donohoe/

CSO reports that visits from abroad have increased so Paschal decides to take credit for it as a result of increased tourism through policies pursued by Irish Government. … HrqAclZi-M


I left Ireland almost 30 years ago and have lived in quite a few countries in the interim yet I feel more Irish today than I did when I left.
I’ve still the same accent and I still like Christy and the odd game of Hurling.
Shure, sometimes I get nostalgic about “de auld sod” but an another thing that hasn’t changed is my dread of the incessant rain which is ultimately why I left Ireland.
That being said, yer maun down under has his right to his feelings and opinions but this Paddy was born and will die a proud Irishman.


Report shows graduates working abroad more than doubled since 2008 … -1.2045840


Ireland behaves like a start-up human incubator for our one and only true resource for other more developed economics.

I wonder, coudl we bill them?
“I should’a went to Ireland. I’m a schmuck!”


I recall back in the 80’s when the stat du jour was that 50% of the population was under 25, the IDA ran an advertizing campaign in the international press that consisted of a photo of a group of about 50 graduating students with the caption: The Irish the young Europeans, employ them, before they employ you.

The Economist then did a feature on the Irish economy, and pointed out that over 50% of the people in the IDA photo had wound up emigrating within a short period. The article further stated that in a recent year Philips had hired away the entire graduating class in electrical engineering from the DIT or whatever it was called in those days, Kevin St. or Bolton St. Now that was a serious brain drain, and it sparked some debate about the merits of high taxation for a good education that was going to benefit other countries. The current corporate tax regimen as an alternative needs to be understood in that context.


The reason for the reduction has little to do with the supposed turnaround in the economy. It is a simple case of demographics. There are less people in the typical emigration age bracket


Two hours ago my nephew told me that he sees himself emigrating to Australia.

This bollox is still claiming that Tourism is increasing without any statistics to prove it even though I sent a mail to him a few months ago complaining to him about it.
He did it again just yesterday so now I know it is intentional. He is conflating tourism and return visits from emigrants.

What is more he is throwing more money at Bord Fáilte even though it does a poor job of attracting tourists to the country.
Ireland is an English speaking country in a wealthy continent well served by two low cost carriers. Tourism numbers should be higher without any money spent on Bord Fáilte.


No doubt about it at all, he’s definitely out to git ya!


Met a family over the last few weeks who are emigrating out of Europe in January. Middle aged couple with high end jobs and three well educated teenagers. Moving for more of a challenge.

Keeping their lovely home and I’m going to rent it. Saves me the different of at least 4-600pm on mortgage plus a deposit. Nice relative value trade for me! Not great for economy.


Met a friend who just became a tax exile/emigrant. His reasoning was logical.

I’d suggest the two of the above posts contributed over 250k per year (together) in taxes on Gross. Possibly a lot more.


Ireland’s lax VISA system strikes again: … 96759.html

WIPRO are the winners here.


I have to say, it truly warms the heart to see such a large group of badly needed construction workers returning from Australia to take up fresh opportunities at home… … 30812.html
A group of 26 Irish people are facing deportation from Australia following police raids that arrested several of the group for a roofing and repair scam targeting the elderly in Perth.
The arrests and imminent mass deportation - understood to be the largest ever of Irish nationals from Australia - came after Western Australian police received 39 complaints in January of a roofing scam. More than €84,000 in cash and two Rolex watches valued at €24,000 were seized when police raided the group’s caravan site.Among the scams carried out was forcing an elderly man to pay up €12,000 for having his driveway and home painted. Another elderly consumer in Ferndale who paid €8,500 for roof repairs. The workmen carried out only minor repairs and left.


First class flights are much cheaper than a few nights in Gaol, the classic Irish solution to an Irish problem - export it!
It’s also how most of the early emigrants got there in the first place. :angry:


Foreign Nationals: PPSN Allocations, Employment and Social Welfare Activity 2013 … ivity2013/

One fifth of foreign nationals assigned PPSNs in 2008 had employment activity in Ireland in 2013

So 80% are on the dole now??!


or returned, moved on or supported by spouses; some of them might have been homemakers who were never employed. Also, do foreign students get PPS numbers? I don’t know.