The End Of The Greens....

The lads finally get the message (not that it’s for the good of the country of course but still).

How many is the minimum no. of Ministers as per constitution by the way?? :open_mouth:

  1. FF have 7 now.

Here’s a better link as aertel links are dynamic and will disappear in a day or two. (Much like the Greens)

One of the questions asked was if the Greens regretted going into bed with Bertie in 2007. Sargent didn’t answer that one.

For now yes :nin

“It’s been episode after episode, you would’nt see it on Fr. Ted” - Mary Lou McDonald on the government
She was also asked about Jean McConville who intends to run in Louth against Adams.

hahahaha things are getting warmer now hahahaha :laughing:

We’re leaving the government, but we’ll support the Finance Bill.

What way will they vote in the No Confidence motion?

Any chance Gormless will step down as leader of the party as well? … -coalition

I wonder how Graham Linehan feels about being referenced by Sinn Fein.

After watching the highlights of their conference. The only good thing I nice thing I can say is, at least I’m covered now for on of my 5-a-day today. :slight_smile:

I’m sure there’ll be more than a few turnips on the telly later too.

If FF no longer have a majority are they not required to have an election immediately?

Well I thought the position was always that FF had a slim majority without the greens, thus they never needed them and thats why the Green made the biggest political miscalculation ever but bang on if your where a bum on a seat in cabinet pension wise.

The greens where a good lighting rod and have gone the way of the PD’s in their first government. Some achievement.

The greens lost many members on the NAMA vote. The greens where sold out by their own leadership.

Nothing new in politics if you ask me. Many members who have left the green have gathered together in a new movement I think… an fios nua… or something like that. I have little knowledge beyond that right now.

My own take on it, is that once Cowens game of Golf with Seanie became public it was a case of “caught us in the roughtus” and they had to “pull out” :-GC

No. A motion of no confidence that is passed, a defeat of a Finance bill in the Dail (not the Seanad), or a request for dissolution are, I believe, the three ways the government can be considered fallen. There have been plenty of minority governments in the past, both here and abroad.

You lot would want to read up on how government works a bit and how voting works…

For the sake of conversation?

Thanks but they lost me here…

For the sake of your blood pressure. There’s no point railing about stuff that is not wrong. There’s plenty of wrong stuff to rail about…