The end of the retail Christmas

Gerald Celente, the CEO of Trends Research Institute gives his thoughts.

Fox is on Rapture watch now that the antichrist is in the White House and Palin is leading the Republicans.

The End Times are nigh!!!

I hear ya… I’d say those rapture watchers are on Full alert.

This is the only rapture worth watching:


Maybe we need another Survival Thread (viewtopic.php?f=15&t=14465).

I personally have 1/2 a packet of Marietta biscuits stockpiled.

Nothing like a bit of piece and quiet at Xmas.

Last St Stephen’s Day, I was driven nuts by my hyperactive cousins on CocaCola and Playstations. My poor cat had to hide all day in the hot press instead of in front of the fire like she usually does.

If this depression can put an end to Pop Idol and Playstations, I’m all for it.

I know its an acquired taste but… Lard its cheap and nobody’s going to nick your stockpile.

Some Charles Dickens:

When I hear stats being bandied about about how much Irish people spend at Christmas, I never fail to be shocked. I wouldn’t consider myself to be a mean person but there’s no way I’d spend hundreds of Euros apiece on family/friends (I don’t have kids).

I couldn’t resist,

I’m starting to worry about my chances owwoowhummm rapture me this pin… :frowning:

In my mother’s house this afternoon. She said she was in town yesterday and said she’s never seen the shops so empty in the run-up to Xmas.

She went on to say that people are deluding themselves if they think consumers will engage in “one last splurge” behaviour.

People are genuinely fearful for the future and the purse strings are tied firmly shut.

The reality is that food and warmth trumps a nice new set of table coasters.

Thats what you get for starting the run up to Christmas to Halloween and then the emptiness will be a self fulfilling prophecy.

The shops are devoid of shoppers in the South because they are all up here in the North.
I’ve just come into work to finish off a few loose ends before tomorrow morning and the traffic was horrific.
Southern reg cars everywhere, reversing up one way streets and confusion at roundabouts.
There’s more Euro in the tills than Sterling.

Yep , and the biggest problem the Northern shops have is trying to restock their shelves fast enough :laughing:

I’d love to see some number plate statistics from the M1. Percentage of private/commercial vehicles, number of day trips/weekend trips, traffic on the M1 compared to other routes, etc. You could get a good predictor for the number of people choosing to shop in Northern Ireland.

Just like the ESB connection statistics, certain people are privy to what’s really going on in the economy.

looking at quote for fireplace that my family were looking at. Quote of 2050 received locally. went online and found same fireplace being sold in Newry for 850STG which is 998 Euro at current exchange rate.
That is less than 50% of the local price.

A friend once told me they got a font door bought & installed for €2000 euros.

I nearly collapsed.