The Federal Reserve


From Robert Higgs, Ph.D. via Europacific:


**Citizens of the United States Welcome to Animal Farm 2009


lenny on Rte1 radio,
Quoting Bacon back at him from yesterday, saying “there is only one fish at the end of the line the taxpayer”


More fears being expressed at the likely reluctance of the Fed to control the inevitable inflation when it appears:


It’s as if nothing had happened,that smiling crook Henry Blodgett,cannot contain his glee that the good old days are back on Wall St,the same crooks that were kicked out in disgrace are coming back,the greed of investors is allowing them back in the hope they can get their hands on some of the filthy lucre.The crooks on Wall St have been bailed out by the crooks in the Whitehouse using taxpayers money,and they are on TV laughing at us.

Watch it and try and stop yourself from being sick - I dare you:


The new form of socialism,Wall St style explained,taxpayers guarantee and subsidise Wall St profits,the political system is controlled by Wall St thus perpetuating the cycle:


The SEC is supposed to be stopping flash trading.Lets see if they carry it through.:

And yesterday,Goldman sent its clients a letter stating they don’t reveal client orders to others and that their own high frequency trading systems don’t “see” their order flow.

I wonder how many hours the legal departmnet spent phrasing that one?I wonder what “see” means in that sentence?


More warnings(if any were needed)of the hyperinflation to come,especially in the US and UK:

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If no-one is interested in buying the debt the Fed will buy it instead. What could possibly go wrong?

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“In the case of USAgency Mortgage Bonds and USCorp Bonds, the nation is witnessing something unprecedented, the net outflow of funds.”

“If not for the USFed buying most of the USTreasurys issued, the long-term interest rates would be rising quickly and with alarm.”

“Ground Zero was Wall Street, lest one forget. The Chinese financial market is actually leading the US market on directional turns. Sadly and tragically, the USDollar is stuck in mud, running out of time, awaiting a meat cleaver by foreign creditors.”

Not yet…I wonder where we will get the next wave of demand for $…

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"There is no “solution” for this problem that maintains what Bernanke (and other policy-makers) want: rates must and will rise; we are now only left with the ability to choose the method by which they do.

Bernanke must withdraw the “loose money” policy now and allow lending rates to find their market equilibrium before the water flowing through the cracks of the dam washes away too much of its foundation and it collapses in an outright revulsion toward all dollar-denominated credit instruments.

That equilibrium, which will be reached one way or another, will be higher than today’s rates, perhaps significantly so."


From the realm of “you couldn’t make it up”,but in the current atmosphere of perverse market manipulations and the financial sector led coup of the US government - why should anyone question it? Here are proposoals for a permanent extension of tax payer relief to financial institutions in the US:



A huge sigh of relief all round,looks like they’re re-fuelling Benny’s helicopter for another flight:


Bloomberg has won the court case,but it means nothing,getting them to divulge the truth about where the money has gone - the amounts,the organisations,the terms and conditions, will be impossible.

Nothing short of arresting everyone from the girl on the reception desk up to Benny himself and raiding the offices for paper and computer records will fail to reveal the biggest government organised theft in the history of the planet:



Chinese official admits China and US are deliberately creating new bubbles,funny how you never hear such refreshing honesty from officials in the west n’est ce pas?


Both China and America are addressing bubbles by creating more bubbles and we’re just taking advantage of that. So we can’t lose.

Bubble prices for all. Yeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh.



China’s CIC wealth fund muscles up as markets recover -> … D420090829

70% of dollars are outside America, when these start circulating from the hoards built in South East Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan) the effects of inflation will become really noticeable. Remember these dollars were not circulating or being used. Eventually, they will re-enter the markets and be used and this will change the value of the dollar and create inflation. China is doing this slowly so they can retain maximum value of these IOU dollars before reintroducing them into circulation. This also means, the US treasury is no longer in control of the currency…