The Federal Reserve

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Fed Minutes…

I forgot this

“a few saw a risk of substantial disinflation”


“WASHINGTON — The forecast Wednesday of a jaw-dropping $1.2 trillion one-year federal budget deficit will make it harder for President-elect Barack Obama to win broad support for a massive stimulus package that would add even more to the red ink”

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Fed’s Strategy Reduces U.S. Bailout to $11.6 Trillion -> … ys015DzWXc


The Fed,explained in just over six minutes,how they are going to devalue the dollar by fifty percent over the next 15 years or so.4% a year.$6o trillion of liabilities cannot be paid,his theory is they will pay half:


I posted that video over on the price of gold thread.

If anyone thinks that the decline of the Dollar is going to be “orderly” or that it will stop at 50% then they are going to get a nasty surprise.


Sounds like that would be inflation generating. Any idea of how devaluing scales with inflation?


Did anyone ever mention Derivatives and the threat they pose to the world economic system during the recent G20 forum???

No?Well why not?Since they pose the greatest risk to the worlds entire stability!Derivatives are being traded in even greater volumes now than they were last year before the current economic crisis blew up,and why wouldn’t they?Banksters bets are now underwritten by taxpayers via corrupt politicians in their respective governments.

The following video was posted last week by myself,it is very important you watch it and understand it,as unlike most interviews on CNBC/Bloomberg that are utter rubbish and self serving promotional tosh for rampers/insiders/broker sells/buys this is essential if you are to follow what is really going on.This is a very rare insight into what is really going on,and you very rarely,if ever see it on TV or the internet,it takes in gold and how the Fed will undertake bear raids on gold and intervene in financial markets.The dollar is going to be the victim in this whole sorry scenario,the Fed wants to be in complete control of this,via its banks on Wall St.Japan was the source of the carry trade for the last ten years,now the US is going to do the same.The IMF is also going to,for the first time generate fiat money via SDR’s,taking up the slack from the Fed’s previous role as money printer general.
Anyone who thinks,in this climate that there is going to be deflation,must seriously need their head examined.**

Then watch Max Keiser put it all in context :


One slight problem…

What happens when Derivatives have to be paid back…

Oh yeah I forgot $ gets weaker…(yeah right)

Again $ short term stronger

Long term Weaker…Yes…


“Anyone who thinks,in this climate that there is going to be deflation,must seriously need their head examined”


on the defn of inflation…

Otherwise the debate is useless…

Again Deflation in Assetssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Inflation in the Goods we need…

I guess we both win…

When we dont have a clear definition…


Ok lets be clear here… I think Your timing is wrong…

You expect $ collapse Now…

I dont…

Thats the difference


YouTube of the CNBC vid:



If anyone can watch more than five minutes of this bitch without wanting to shoot her stonecold dead, then you are probably dead yourself already,how he kept his temper I just don’t know:


What?The financial markets are rigged?OMG!What is the government doing about it?Sorry the government is now run by the people rigging the markets sucker:


More frigging rigging:


While JPMorgan and Goldman siphon off around a $100m a DAY in the high frequency trading, and run all their other derivative,equity,futures and options scams blatantly under the nose of regulators,the regulators get tough with a hedge fund,and use wire taps to secure evidence for a prosecution.

Pity they can’t all belong to the club eh?


The muppets are friggin’ in the riggin’


A truly epic post by Tyler Durden on the benevolence of the Fed with a chilling final paragraph that concludes the world has repeated the mistake of a “one way trade” too big to correct again:


In case anyone missed Bernanke’s last speech here is a summary:


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