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The two faces of Barrack Obama,one the President tearing into the fat cat culture of big bonuses derived from tax payer bailouts,for the CBS “60 Minutes” programme,showing he is on the side of the ordinary American:

then there is the much more civilised affair held the other day with those very same bankers:

Make your own mind up.


As China tries to mitigate the effect of a collapsing dollar,it has unwittingly created domestic bubbles of its own,due to the explosion of domestic lending and money supply,which it is now finding increasingly difficult to bring under control.

Another disaster waiting to happen,the poison of the Federal Reserve is destroying the best efforts of the Chinese to minimise its effects on its domestic economy.They hope to calm the speculation by increasing the supply of property to further depress prices,a bit like running up a down escalator,as the Fed acclerates its printing of money and as prices go ever higher,more and more domestic money is sucked into the bubble:



Is it all just a Ponzi scheme? -> … cember.pdf


Great article.

The beginning of the end, or just the end of the beginning?

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Bankers Get $4 Trillion Gift From Barney Frank -> … 8c8UpUMxKQ


United States Debt Ridden Road to Perdition

One of the graphs shows ireland holding 1.85% of treasuries, I assume this is IFSC companies and not the state??


More of God’s work,Goldman caught profiting from the deliberate policy to bankrupt a company,with the loss of 30,000 jobs.


It wasn’t the Feds fault…


Nice to see a Hoffa in charge of the Teamsters :astonished:


They’re after Geithner…


The coup explained:


The Fed “bought” 80% of US debt last year,so what is the exit strategy from that level of money printing then?The UK is in a similar bind,if they stop printing the money,the economy will collapse.From Bill |Gross,PIMCO:


neweconomicperspectives.blogspot … s-war.html



Yea, I read that earlier.
Tis easy to make money when you can print the stuff out of thin air, as well as having the beneifts of no auditors poking around looking for ‘irregularities’ (for now at least).


We should have a recession every year, it’s so profitable. XD


Yeah, really!
Course if you take into account the 500 bn that has been sunk in the FDIC the figures don’t look so good… and that’s just the FDIC.

Some of the commentary on sites that you expect to be better makes me want to weep.

What about AIG? What about FNM and FRE? With their now unlimited loss ceiling courtesy of the US Treasury secretary on Christmas Eve (they give out much bigger corrupt Christmas presents than we do…). What about the floods in Cork?

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