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One last big payday before checking out:

Pinsters might be interested to know that Senator Dodd owns a fine pile in Galway. :smiling_imp:


From Mish…


He also stayed in Farmleigh for a couple of days, at the height of the crisis in 2008. This had me conjecturing all kinds of conspiracy theories.


Fed Juicing the Equity Market? -> … clip253604


Bait and Switch Part Deux:Will the American people fall for Obama conning them a second time?

If you recall a while back, on the 16th December,I posted details of a recent meeting Obama had with the CEO’s of the main Wall St banks,and the easy time he gave them:

And now we are to believe he is going to crack down on the banks:

And the funniest of them all:

Before he was elected president, Obama wheeled out Volcker as his adviser on economic matters,this was the inflation fighting Fed governor from the eighties who put up interest rates to 15% to eliminate inflation,so the American people were led to believe that he would naturally be then right up there for the job as the presidents economic adviser and Obama would be an inflation fighter right?Wrong twice, he gets the job and brings in Larry Summers and supports money printer extraordinaire Bernanke as governor of the Fed.

Now it looks like the vote for Bernanke’s re-election as Fed governor is looking a bit shaky as many congressmen are getting very nervous about the economy and the unemployment situation,add in the democrats loss of Kennedy’s seat in Massachusets and you now have angry preisdent, going to bite the hands that paid for his election campaign?A president who a couple of months ago was cosying up to the very people he now demonises at the meeting mentioned above?

No way,and to cap it all off,they wheel out Volcker again, as the adviser on how to crack down on Wall St speculation,anyone smell a rat?This is been done purely to pacify the congressmen likely to vote against his re-election.

It absolutely stinks,Bernanke will be re-elected governor at the end of the week, and it will be business as usual,the bank plan will be watered down,and lost in endless revisions,by which time the banks will have worked out ways around most of it.




The Guvnor outlines his theories in 2002:


In a recent speech Obama mentions taxpayers 2 times and “I” 132 times whilst also saying “…this is not about me” !!!
Poor old Goldman never even got a mention. :slight_smile:


It’s all going to be OK now,Bernanke’s been re-elected 70 votes to 30.

Obama supported Bernanke and now needn’t pretend to crack down on banks anymore.

Add in the fact that the Supreme Court last week removed the limits on the amounts companies can spend on election campaign contributions and you now have removed the only obstacle left to the banks buying total control of WASHINGTON:


Who took Obama seriously on ‘getting tough’ on banks. What a laugh. This cookie knows what side his bread is buttered on. What’s the point in having a democratic president and house if a republican supreme court can lift the cap on campaign spending single handed…

This is very fooking dangerous, but it ain’t telling us much we didn’t know, except resistance is diminished now through fatigue.


Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows: David Reilly -> … IuE.W8RAuU



Yowzah suckers,ya’ll just owe the banks another $4trillion!!!

To the sounds of TV’s being shot to pieces across America,he has the cheek at the same time as increasing the borrowing limit $4bn to say:
“We cannot continue to spend as if deficits don’t have consequences - as if waste doesn’t matter”

“…as if the hard earned tax dollars of the American people can be treated like Monopoly money”
You really couldn’t make it up.

Edit:corrected billion to trillion.


Now Bernanke’s been elected,as predicted in my post of 27th Jan,Volcker can as Tyler Durden so accurately puts it “be put back in the closet”.The crackdown on the banks is now going to be watered down so as to be effectively worthless:

And here is that man Dodd again,doing his best for the American taxpayer:,dwp_uuid=e8477cc4-c820-11db-b0dc-000b5df10621.html


the economist showing how worthless it is attacking the people who are attacking the FED : … d=15393581

anybody who relies on this rag, FT or mainstream economists is a thick fuck



Treasury expects to reach government’s $12.4 trillion debt limit by end of February -> … =D9DKP85O0



More on the disaster that awaits following the re-appointment of Bernanke:


Bernanke lays out vision for Fed monetary exit -> … set=&ccode

Bernanke is blowing smoke, he only has one trick and that’s inflate.

The Fed’s “Exit Plan” Is Just Another Secret Gift To Wall Street -> … 20443.html