The Federal Reserve


CNBC Anchors Freak Out After Marc Faber Says US Will Default -> … ult-2010-2


A wake up call for the sheeple of America?


A rubbish article that says very little.


expect TOTAL WAR when this happens and the US army to be in nigeria, cuba, Tehran, and caracas. And to make sure people are behind the star spangled banner watch the ante being upped against Russia and China as well


A few articles by Matt Taibbi on the Fed and its takeover of Washington:

Just like the amazingly talented traders who shorted American Airlines and United (to the extent of 25 times their normal daily volumes the week before the 9/11 attack),someone else was able to profit massively from the demise of Bear Stearns by predicting it would lose more than half its value in nine days or less:


More from Dr Doom on the economic collapse of the US:


Eh, Prof, all those Matt Taibi articles are about giant squid, not fed…


Thanks for that Yogi,it’s just that I just can’t stop myself thinking I’m in a living nightmare of B movie horror cliches,what with parastic bankers,politicians crawling out of the woodwork,rats leaving sinking ships,giant squid… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…


Some light reading on the collapse of

Lot, lots more…


Superb Jabaar.Some links to other excellent articles as well.

Truly frightening stuff.


Even Charlie Munger reckons the US has had it:


More on the bailout of AIG:


Munger’s parable is one everyone should read. I think he’s spot on.

Here’s the original Slate article:


Very sharp for an 86 year old.



Wonder why the market took off yesterday for no reason?Like it does on many occasions.Ever wonderd how Goldman Sachs can call the market correctly so often?


More predictions of the coming collapse of the dollar,of course the CNBC schills eager to protect their highly paid jobs, jump in at every opportunity to interrupt the speaker and detract from his argument:


We all know Goldman has a knack of producing exceptional trading returns from its trading activities,far in excess of what could be considered normal, or lucky, or skilfull.

But what happens when its trading activities start to produce losses,real exceptionally large losses?

That is when too big to fail kicks in of course,and taxpayers get reminded that they must swallow Goldmans losses as well as their own job losses,401K losses,equity account losses,housing losses.TARP 2 coming soon.


U.S., U.K. Move Closer to Losing Rating, Moody’s Says (Update1) -> … a8xAghPS8I

China trims holdings of Treasury securities -> … 1.html?x=0


hmmm, sounds like there’s a movement going on there.

is that flow the begining of the chineese turning on their release tap?