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Nassim Taleb doing his riff on why Ben Bernanke is a serial plane crasher



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as incredible as it sounds . . .

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Janet Yellin’s neighbors are complaining about the “Doughnut Bellies” on her security detail, plus their effect on those of delicate religious persuasions, and the possibility of the Taliban moving in next door. And you thought you had problems…


Federal Reserve Police, What powers would they actually have?


Their main job is to chase after naughty members of the Federal Reserve.
At the side of the FBI HQ you’ll see vehicles marked FBI Police. I guess they chase wayward FBI agents. :laughing:

Actually, Law Enforcement in the District is quite a complicated business.
I once got a ticket for rolling through a stop sign from the Treasury Dept Police. Apparently, in DC, you can get arrested by an agent of about 25/26 Law Enforcement agencies. The list of agencies at the link is incomplete. They are the source of a lot of biz for the courts. … f_Columbia

Here’s a list of the various different courts that operate in DC.


Both have raised doubts about a rate cut in the face of the current expansion, an unemployment rate that is near a 50-year-low, and robust household spending.

Turns out near record unemployment does not mean record employment

But why is unemployment being low does not equate to employment being high? Well, because of a range of factors, the dominant one being labor force participation. It turns out (as the chart above also shows), we are near historical (for the modern economy’s period) lows in terms of people willing to work or search for jobs. Or put differently, we are at historical highs in terms of people being disillusioned with the prospect of searching for a job. Darn! The ‘best unemployment stats, ever’ and the worst ‘willingness to look for a job, ever’.


The method no more?