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Never a dull day - Let’s open up this line of thought, speculation and potential revelation with a very current and unsourced screen cap with extra serious red underlining to get straight to the point:

If the above turns out to the tru, then from this early alert, you would expect a follow up of more detailed information that would be readily associated with this kind of OMG pre-release. So let’s see what transpires eh. :icon_neutral:

Re: the placenta cells - the subject of Syncytin-1 an I think Syncytin-2 being shared protein in the placenta cells and elsewhere that IIRC the diabolical spike attaches to or maybe creates similar immune sensitivity to (to attack) or something like that, the point is it’s not only lung sites, but other key vital organs contain these potential sites, here being the reproductive organ, such speculation around S1/S2 if IIRC has been out there since last year, in relation to the virus phase oft is event, now it’s within the parameters of the injection which delivers direct the common denominator - the spike.

(open to correction here re S1/S2 on the fly and not explaining perfectly the concern)

Are the injections spiked as such to cause or sustain infertility in this way?


INFERTILITY: Doctors everywhere are finding “false” PSA levels in vaccinated men. They are calling them false because the levels are high but they don’t have prostate cancer (yet).

High PSA levels are also an indicator of one other thing… INFERTILITY

ARTICLE: Infertile Men Have Higher Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Values Than Fertile Men

Infertile Men Have Higher Prostate-Specific Antigen Values Than Fertile Men Written by John T. Wei MD, MS,high%20likelihood%20of%20PSA%20%3E1

ARTICLE: Urologists seeing false PSA levels in men due to COVID vaccines

Palm Beach County urologist seeing false PSA levels in men due to vaccines Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, diagnosed with 243,000 estimated cases for 2021. For men heading into the doctor’s office for their annual exams, Dr. Diego Rubinowicz, a urologist in…