The FF Outcasts - Where are they now?


How are Fahey, Dempsey, Coughlan et al. spending their time and pensions these days? Having destroyed a country, would anyone touch them with a bargepole?

Well, look where crazy horse has ended up!



the lenihan family institute for intelligent design :facepalm:


Liberal tax laws and special police force for Russian Silicon Valley -> … 06069.html


Erm, why is Comrade Lenin not encouraging corporations to locate to Ireland?
Isn’t that what we pay him a handsome pension to do?


Well the Corleones did send Fredo to Vegas!


Too embarassed even to give interviews I’d say…


Sucking down their fat pensions and laughing at us I’d imagine.


Should news of Conor be in the emigration thread?

Did he take the cattle ship to Moscow?


I always thought that Sean Haughey deserved the title of Fredo Corleone of Irish politics - he even looks the (weedy) part


It’s just like the Flight of the Earls. One day Conor will return with any army of Cossacks to free us from the tyranny and oppression of Fine Gael.


Tis Coles, Tis! Exactly what Tis!


The shameless and brazen don’t do embarassment.


But are the natives restless yet? How are they treated in their own communities? Has no-one heard of Captain Boycott?


I spotted one of those three spending that pension in Argos at the weekend.


Spotted another former FF TD coming out of the bookies in Cahirciveen while on hols in costa del Kerry.


A friend spotted one yapping on his mobile in his car parked between all the petrol pumps on a garage forecourt, thus stopping all the other punters from using the pumps…go figure


I have it on good authority that Conor Lenihan had serious problems comprehending the operation of his mobile phone while occupying a Ministerial position. The man was christened “Crazyhorse” for a reason.

Yet he can stroll into an influential position in a billion dollar operation.

What is it that makes these people different from the rest - separates them from the crowd so to speak?


We drink pints.
But Conor drinks vodka.


Saw Noel Treacy scoffing pints on level 7 at Croker yesterday. Thought he stepped down for ‘medical’ reasons :open_mouth: .