The FF Outcasts - Where are they now?


I saw Frankie “forty gaffs” Fahey handing out Evening hearlds on the Red Cow Roundabout…very sad :cry:

Just thinking out loud here but did’nt St.Francis of the Numerous Abodes, own a hairdressing salon over in Moscow at one stage…Now crazyhorse Linnihan is over in Russia…Fianna Fail front Bench all members of the KGB…Comrade Cowen…Tin Foil hat… :-GC


Spare a thought for the political staff that lost their jobs in the purge.

Each TD had two staff plus press officers and various head office types. The number of redundancies must have run into three figures.


And let’s not forget about Fianna Fail’s pictureboy of probity Liam Lawlor.


Fair question. I recall listening to liveline during the last days of the Cowen era. Honest Conor was on, doing his “The Only Politician Fit To Hold His Head Up And Look You In The Eye” routine while caller after caller pleaded with him to save the country by proposing a motion of no confidence or something. It was surreal. I wonder if any of those callers are feeling silly now.


Why? They all know the game …they were here as long as their master was and when he goes they go…they knew exactly what they were getting into…grab as much while it lasts cause then you are out…Also, they were all part of that instuitutionally corrupt entity known as FF…I have no sympathy for them…


According to the Times article of Monday August 22nd :

and following the hiring of Mr.Lenihan the Times a week later have this :

Conor’s golden touch has added over €11 billion in a week! Bring him back to work his magic here I say.


Conor won’t be coming to Ireland again.
His work is done.
It’s time to go back home.
Home to Oligorky Prospekt.
Goodbye Crumlin, hello Kremlin, bye bye Golden Circle, hello Red Square, home where he belongs - finally coming in from the cold.
Welcome back to Moscow, Comrade Lenin! 8)


Spotted ba ba Bertie leaving fagans on Sunday after the donegal game with a few ‘gobshite’, ‘ya ruined the country’, etc type comments following him on the way out the door.
He actually stopped and turned to accept one of the sideways compliments and i got to see that ‘I actually give give a shit what the man on the street is saying’ expression before he copped it was abuse he was getting.
Seems country people down for the day just couldn’t resist.



Now you’re talkin. But why was he let into Fagans in the first place?

The Boycott - A traditional Irish solution : when the state & legal establistment are’nt capable or willing to uphold justice or do right by the people.


FF are still really trying hard to pi55 people off, 10/10 for effort.


From the above link, Bertie says…

I wonder did the c*nt ever canvass Sean McDermott Street whilst wearing his canary suit?


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Ahh, nothing like a bit of good news to start the day :slight_smile:


This is just a distraction…don’t be fooled by it… Ahern had his hand on the tiller for over 10 years and all the current woes stem directly from the three Govt’s he conceived, put together and led…there is a lot of stupidity in cumann followers and with FF voters but they had no power to influence anything and were a necessary irritant to HQ…it was Ahern, McCreevy and Harney who led the party and must take responsibility for the outcomes… Ahern is a master of the dark arts so don’t be fooled by the current TV3 expose…hopefully the mahon Tribunal report will finally tear asunder any remaining semblance of a reputation that this man thinks he has…


Might have posted this before but I think he is well aware that his reputation is in the gutter.

I have heard a few stories of him being heckled in public. Apparently, two guys went for him in a pub in Malahide in April. Bertie has some sort of minder with him lucky for him.


Big burly secretary paid for by the state?


You know, I woulndt be at all suprised.

Former driver perhaps.


Should taxpayers pay the pension of Conor Lenihan - pictured below on Red Square (according to the Indo) - now that he is working for Russia instead of Ireland?


I think they can rest easy in San Jose for the moment…


Bertie has several serving and ex members around him when they go to pubs.

They turn up early, case the joint and take strategic seats.

When he was in govt there were official escorts (including two SB men outside in cars).

Anyone would think they were party members. Which they arent, of course. Because thats illegal.

They’re just there by chance.

I’m sure they work for free too.

EDIT - Incidentally did I ever tell you about the time Bertie got a few belts in the face from a local man whose wife died on a trolley in a local hospital?
Ah, sure. You probably read about it in the papers.
You didnt?

Well thats odd.